#CREATOR: Meet the Founder of Sahajan

Knowing what your skincare and beauty products is extremely important because not only are these creams and serums going onto your skin, they are being absorbed into your body and can effect your overall health. Being conscious of what she is using for skincare, Lisa Mattam founded Sahajan to help create a comprehensive line of products that are balance healthy, conscious living with the rich heritage of the Ayurvedic traditions in which she was raised. We sat down with Lisa to learn more about her innovative collection,  Sahajan.

1.What inspired you to create Sahajan?
Sahajan was inspired when I came home one day to find my daughter slathered in my face cream.  I was immediately concerned with what the chemicals in my products were doing to her young skin- when I showed her the products that I used for her- products that contained natural, plant based ingredients on which I was raised and I trusted- I thought it myself- isn’t it weird that the standards that I have for myself are so different from the ones I have for her?  and isn’t it stranger- that those ingredients in rituals which I use, trust and believe in with her, I no longer use?  From there, Sahajan was born.

2. What makes Ayurveda products different?
Ayurveda translated from Sanskrit means the Science of Life.  It’s a 5000 year old practice from Ancient India that is based on a mind-body science.  Through understanding our body type, what we eat, and how we manage ourselves, Ayurveda teaches us that we can proactively manage our own health and it utilizes natural plant based ingredients to do so.   It’s about beauty ingredients that work and have been tried and tested for 5000 years.
Sahajan Collection + Ingredients

3. What has been your biggest accomplishment in creating Sahajan?
Oh, this is hard one but I would say gaining the recognition by The Canadian Revenue Agency through their SRED program that we have advanced scientific development with the creation of Sahajan.

4. How is Sahajan giving back during Earth Month?
We are a small but mighty team who are trying to live the values of earth day everyday.  I think the best thing we can do is carry our earth month message to our community and our families.  You will find us actively cleaning up parks in Don Mills during Earth Month.

5. What is your favourite product in your current collection?  Hard to choose, but I would say that my current favourite is the serum- it blends the richness of triphala and gotu kola with the very modern sodium hyaluronate to create a product that helps to brighten, protect and renew the skin. It’s my magic in a bottle
Sahajan Collection

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