#CREATOR: Michael Malizia of My Life Studio

At My Life Studio, artist Michael Malizia creates striking artwork with an unusual medium – your stuff.Using items such as childhood artwork, old photographs and school production programs, Malizia reimagines these items into portraits of families, siblings or beloved pets. His work brings life to tucked away keepsakes, creating personalized work of nostalgic, fine art that captures special moments in time for families to visibly cherish forever. These pieces not only add originality to any space, but also capture the spirit of someone special. We sat down with Michel to learn more about his work.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about My Life Studio?
My Life Studio is my commission based business. Born from the organic progression of my personal artwork, the studio and its mission, came from the process of my incorporating my children and their artwork into my fine art. There was no intention to pursue this type of business it was simply a way to be involved with my little girls, Charlie and Emerson.


2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Both my personal work as well as the commissions are created with the idea of re-purposing unique materials in a way that has rarely been done. In any of these works, it is as much about the extremely intricate process of implementing these materials as it is about the final product. Each fabric, photograph or personal item carries it’s own weight and energy. I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I was to say that the subject matter didn’t add to the overall energy but in the end it is the material and process that truly makes the work unique. As for the commissions I do as My Life Studio, each piece is completely unique due to the fact that it is made from your memories. I could create the exact same subject for ten different clients and every painting would be a different end result.

3. How did you develop your creative style?
As I have mentioned, this approach really developed from the involvement with my children, so in short I could say that my art process was taught to me by my daughters and it is from simply being Dad. The first time I involved my oldest daughter it was because she was a frustrated 3 year old that just wanted to “make art like dad.” I started to formulate ways that she could either be involved in the process or I would incorporate her amazing artwork into my works. As this was going on, I very quickly switched the process of my original works to be in-line with these collaborative pieces. You really could say that my daughters helped me find my style and approach to painting.


4. What makes your art the perfect gift?
These works are so unique to each individual and really captures the spirit and energy of life’s adventures. Regardless if you decide to go with a portrait, a scene unique to your life or a beautiful abstract work these pieces of fine art are completely bespoke to you. Yes, you could purchase a beautiful work of art and hang it on your wall but none will have the same personal depth and meaning as a piece from My Life Studio. If you are a person that values art and cherishes your family and memories, then a work from My Life Studio is a perfect gift.

5. Any advice for aspiring artists?
Stay with it. I have had a very long and winding road that finally took me back to what I love and enjoy. Everything we do in life has a purpose and sometimes you just have to take that plunge and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.


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