#CREATOR: Nicole Moss + Win 2 Tickets to The Artist Project

Pulling together whimsical collages layered with juxtaposed images, Nicole Moss is a Toronto based artist who creates award-winning 2d media creations. She is best known for bringing together ordinary, everyday images that have no relativeness in subject or age, she aims to challenge the social status of women, family dynamics and art throughout history. We sat down with Nicole Moss to learn more about her work which she will be showcasing next weekend at The Artist Project.

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First off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?

Hi! My name is Nicole Moss and I’m a collage artist currently living and working in Toronto. I received my BFA in 2015 while majoring in drawing and painting at OCAD University. My collage work developed throughout the 4 years I spent at OCADU. Collage went from my most hated art medium to my most loved! I aim to create artwork that is surreal, unusual and challenges themes such as feminism, family dynamics, relationships and Western society.

What inspired you to become an artist?

I don’t think I was inspired to become an artist; I was born to be one. From a very young age, I gravitated towards drawing, painting and creating. It’s the one absolute thing I have always known about myself. I am an artist.
Lost in Reverie

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

The world of images provides me with endless inspiration. I collect hundreds of magazines, old and new, and will flip through them for hours. I rip out images that catch my eye and sort them into colour-coded folders. I love to make connections between images that have no similarities, but just work together side by side. Working with images (cutting and pasting) gives me the opportunity to collaborate with the world. I’m giving a picture a new life through my collages – a picture that someone so beautifully took, forgotten in a magazine or book.

What motivated you to show your collection at The Artist Project?

When I was in my second year at OCADU, my aunt and uncle took me to The Artist Project because they knew it was something I’d enjoy. I was blown away by all the amazing art I saw and left feeling so inspired to work hard on my own artwork. I knew that I wanted to one day participate in the exhibition and made it a goal to apply when I felt my artwork met my standards. I got accepted in 2016 to show in the Untapped Emerging Artist Competition and it was an amazing experience. This year, I’m so excited to have a full booth to exhibit my new work.
A Complimentary Life_Nicole Moss

What are you most excited to see at The Artist Project?

I’m excited to see all the artists’ work; the variety you get at The Artist Project is amazing. There’s something for everyone and I’ve always ended up seeing something that makes me go WOW! One of my favourite features of the show is the competition section. The theme this year is “Birthday” and artists have an opportunity to make a piece that relates to this theme. I cannot wait to see what everyone came up with!

Any advice for aspiring #creators?

My advice to anyone who likes to create is to try something you think you hate. I use to “hate” collage because I had this idea ingrained in my mind that it was kitschy and unprofessional. I was forced to experiment with this medium for projects while in school and fell in love with the images I created. I then researched the medium and checked out other artists using collage and fell in love with it even more! So try something you hate because it could end up being something you actually love.
Nicole Moss

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