#CREATOR: Tuck Shop Trading Co.

Created by Lyndsay Borschke, Tuck Shop Trading Co. is a reflection of her time growing up at a camp in Algonquin Park and those lazy summer days at the lake with her family at the cottage. This store has been designed and decorated to bring back those fond memories to by designing a luxe yet cozy line of ready-to-wear and accessories for both men and women, inspired by her current lifestyle—one spent between the city and cottage. All of the pieces were designed in Canada and manufactured in North America and is committed to only trading with the world’s finest textile producers, and only works with quality mills and reputable manufacturers. We sat down with Lyndsay to lear a bit more about her collection.

  1. What sparked you to created Tuck Shop Trading Co.?

After years spent designing apparel for summer camps and schools across North America, I decided it was time to create something for myself. With a gentle push from my biggest supporters (my husband and family), I started Tuck Shop Trading Co., a lifestyle brand inspired by my life spent between the city of Toronto, and a summer cottage in Algonquin Park.

  1. What makes the Tuck Shop Trading Co. so unique?

Tuck Shop is a unique ready-to-wear collection which pays tribute to both lifestyles that I enjoy: one that is urban, and one that embraces a slower pace at the cottage. Our City of Neighbourhoods accessories and apparel really struck a chord with proud Torontonians. We are proud to be a pioneer of what has become a huge trend not only in Toronto, but in cities around the world. Rep your hood – love your city!

  1. What inspired your City of Neighbourhoods collection?

The city of Toronto (how it is often called or referred to as a City of Neighbourhoods) and a truly Canadian accessory: the toque. The neighbourhoods (cultural make-up, history, and architectural assets like subway stations street signs, murals) inspired the colours.

  1. What is your favourite neighbourhood in Toronto, and why?

There are too many awesome neighbourhoods to choose from! It is a tie between Summerhill and Trinity Bellwoods. I have been lucky enough to call both home. Both are great for shopping and dining as well as people watching.  Each have their own spice!

  1. Can you tell us a little about your new partnership with the other Toronto brands?

We are big on collaborating. We want to be a full-fledged lifestyle brand, but recognize our limitations in terms of design or production. When we admire a brand, we will inquire about a potential partnership. For instance, we just released our first-ever swimwear collection with Bather Trunk Co. and Bathing Belle. We knew swimsuits would resonate with our clients, but our knowledge base is in knitwear and outerwear. In order to pull it off, we sought out the best of the best. What we achieved by working with Kyle and Danica, far surpassed what we thought we could have done by trying it out on our own.

  1. Any advice for aspiring #CREATORS?

Keep working on your ideas until one sticks… it will happen when you least expect it. Do not overthink things, and keep creating because you are passionate about it.

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