#CREATOR: Celebrating the Opening of Jessica Gorlicky Designs

We’re celebrating and exploring the work of Toronto-based live performance artist JessGo who has just launched Jessica Gorlicky Designs  studio. Her work has been commissioned by Google, Nordstrom Canada, Cirque du Soleil, Holt Renfrew, Coca-Cola, Guerlain, CAMH, L’Occitane, Sephora, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and TOMS Shoes to name a few. To give you a little sneak peak and interview with the artist herself.

1. When did you first discover your love for art?

I discovered my love for art when I was a small kid – I have always wanted to understand how things are made. Growing up, I was always experimenting with colours, materials and media until I developed my original personal style. My favourite medium is acrylic because it gives me freedom to create an art piece quickly, but at the same time with many details, bright colours and textures. It’s all one big experiment — we can never stop growing or learning!

2. How did you develop your signature style?

Growing up, I was inspired by Bob Ross on TV — it was fascinating to see the layers and understand the application of paint. I actually bought his books and started studying on my own and with my baby sister — we experimented learned how to paint through each other.

I also like the whole Andy Warhol empire and admire his ability to create it. I am a pop/fine artist, but I am also a performer that speed paints in front of corporate and private audiences at around 100 events a year. I’ve developed this unique style throughout the years.


3.What is your favourite piece you’ve created so far?

My favourite piece is a piece I created in university entitled “SO REAL”. It was an experimental project between real life and imagination where I put two photos together. This piece comes everywhere with me — it made me realize what I am capable of!

4.What has been your biggest achievement or obstacle so far in your career?

One on my biggest achievements and obstacles was learning how to speed paint. Eventually, my speed painting had me touring 56 cities during the 2011 Winter Olympics — it was a life changing experience.

5.Can you tell us a little bit of what to expect about your new gallery in Toronto’s Design District?

From painting in my parents’ basement to launching my Paint My Candy collection in the Warehouse and having a great 9 months at my Queen St. West pop-up, I am thrilled to be opening my fourth space.

This permanent space is what any artist can dream of. It’s brand new and was renovated just before I moved in — bright, spacious and constantly inspiring me to make more art. I’m having a private gallery opening on Friday May 13th 2016 where I will open my space for the first time and expose it to the world.

6. Any advice for aspiring #CREATORS?

Paint what you love, don’t be afraid to use colours and experiment. Believe in what you are doing and never stop – seriously!

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