“How to Pack Your Carry-On Suitcase” as seen on CTV Morning Live

This morning, I had the pleasure of going on CTV Morning Live to share my tips and tricks on how to pack your carry-on suitcase better. With the increasing number of airlines who are now charging for luggage, and how much of a hassle it is to wait for your luggage on the carousel when you’re anxiously awaiting the start (or end) of your vacation…for all of these reasons and more, I’ve decided to share my packing secrets with you today!

First off, invest in a compact yet durable suitcase will fit in any airline overhead compartment. The Cabin Multiwheel is a great option from RIMOWA because it has 2-flex divider systems, built-in TSA combination locks and has the signature hardshell case keeping all your belongings safe while travelling.

The key to packing smart is to figure out a way to stay as organized as possible while you’re on the road. A set of packing cubes like these ones made by Tracker from Bentley are a great way to separate your belongings by type (pants, shirts, etc.) or theme (day, night work, etc.) in a compressed, easy to pack, dual-zip, nylon bag.

However, for those looking to purchase a new and innovative travel bag…the Rise Weekender is the answer to what you’ve been looking for. This sleek duffel bag is not only lightweight and easy to carry, but expands to include their patent pending collapsible shelving system which keeps your clothes folded and organized. The bottom compartment makes a great laundry hamper to keep your dirty clothes separate and the top shelf has a zippered pocket that is great to keep an extra pair of shoe like these ECCO Intrinsics! And even more, it has two pockets on the side that are perfect to keep your cables and accessories organized.

Next, when it comes to your toiletries, cosmetics and all other liquids, always remember to pack them in 100ML or less containers. Available at Bentley, Tracker sells spill proof travel bottles in 100ML and 50 ML sizes to help you avoided messes while you’re travelling and allow you to keep all of your favourite items in carry-on compliant containers.

Some of your favourite brands also offer their products in compact sizes to make travelling with them easier. For example, these Skin Kits from Dermalogica are a great way to keep your skin care regime up while you’re on the go. To ward of jet-leg, the travel safe kit from Saje Natural Wellness features a collection of some of their best formulas to help keep you energized and healthy while abroad. And, the ON THE GO KIT from Burt’s Bees has all of your essentials ready for you in a handy little travel case.
IMG_1774Lastly, after year and years of travelling, I cannot stress how important it is to keep your wallet organized while your on the road. The amount of time, and stress will save you from is well worth it. Packing all of your documents and various currencies in a travel wallet like this one from WINNERS is fantastic because it has separate areas for your passport, tickets, documents and anything else you may be carrying as well as a zipper compartment which is great for loose change or even keeping luggage keys on hand.

Another stylish yet function option is the Rebecca Minkoff Charging Wristlet that allows you to not only keep all of your important cards handy but its protective case also charges your phone to give it an extra 125% of battery life while you’re on the go! I’m always checking the maps on my phone and using it as a camera so having a portable battery back on hand is a life saver!

What are you packing essentials?   

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