After over 13 years of working within the international fashion scene with such high profile names as Vivienne Westwood; Valerie Tolila launched her label VAIKEN in 2013. Embodying the aesthetic of the strong, modern women, VAIKEN has stayed true to her vision as a designer creating a line filled with sporty, feminine and sexy silhouettes. At the beginning of May, Valerie was choosen to be one of the top four finalists at the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s New Label’s Competition. This runway presentation celebrates the young Canadian talent that is redefining the fashion industry. Produced by the Toronto Fashion Incubator who has provided support and nurtured creative entrepreneurs by helping them develop their business skills and helping fashion designers to advance since 1987.

I had the honour of sitting down with Valerie at the Toronto Fashion Incubator after the final fitting for the competition where she talked me through her collection that premiered during the competition. Turning her inspiration into a reality, Valerie has created, in her latest collection, elegantly sexy pieces without showing skin by playing with the structure of the clothes. She has designed clothes that are both soft yet strong in their femininity by using sensual leather and suede materials to give the clothes a life of their own.

Influence by such fierce, French women like Caroline de Maigret who show their femininity effortlessly and tastefully everyday, each piece in this collection has been designed to exude that powerful persona yet be worn with ease. Staying true to her vision with the brand, Valerie has created a collection of real clothes done in an elevated way. Making unique, yet still commercial pieces, each item she has been so intricately created, from the finest fabrics but in a manner that is still very wearable for the everyday women. And thanks to this, the VAIKEN brand is known for their amazing cuts made luxurious materials with exceptional quality created in a timeless yet edgy way.

For more information about her collection, visit VAIKEN online at http://vaiken.com/, follow them on Instagram here instagram.com/_vaiken_/ or check the beautiful pieces out in stores at TNT Montreal, Ogilvy and Simons.

All images were provided by Vaiken.

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