Dine with the Planet in Mind: Food Friendly Tips for Earth Day

Did you know the most environmentally-friendly foods are often the healthiest? Many
foods that are damaging to our bodies are also damaging to the environment.
Whether you’re dining in or out, your food choices impact the environment. In lead-up
to Earth Day (Apr 22), we’re sharing our favourite tips that we use at Hopscotch to
make sustainable food choices in support of a healthier, happier planet.
1.Buying local ingredients​ helps to reduce transportation emissions and food spoilage.
Though it can be hard to buy local in Canada due to our climate, choosing to eat
seasonal ingredients makes this easier. Eating seasonally reduces crop maintenance,
optimizes nutrition and helps save money. Visit your local provincial website to find out

which fruits and vegetables are in season in your area.

2. Going meatless​ on Mondays or any day of the week helps to cut down on greenhouse
gas emissions while also conserving water. Some of our favourite meat replacements
are tofu, grains, chickpeas and nuts to add texture and flavour while also making us full
and satisfied. We also like to combine brown rice or quinoa with legumes such as
chickpeas or black beans to create a complete protein, ensuring we help meet our

daily protein needs.

3. Minimizing food waste by composting food scraps also helps return natural nutrients to
the Earth. Utilizing as much of an ingredient you possibly can is another great way to
minimize food waste. Have some fruit starting to bruise a little? Create a compote that

can be a delicious yogurt topper, or add it to your morning smoothie.

How are you going green this Earth Day? Learn more about Aiden and Wyatt’s tips here.


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