DIY: Paint Your Own Vase

From martini glasses to giant flower vases, create your own custom glassware and transform your house into a cozy home by adding your own unique crafty touch to any room. This is a simple craft that is the perfect way to personalize your glasses or create custom gifts for someone special. Try decorating your glassware with glass paint today with these three easy steps!

• Glass Paint – sold in a variety of colours at most craft stores
• Paint Brushes -choose the thickness of your brush based on design and texture of the image you wish to paint
• Rubbing alcohol
• Paper towels
• Q-tips
• A glass or vase

Note: Check out the dollar store for a variety of glass products. They are inexpensive and often have a large selection of glassware in a variety of shapes and sizes

Step 1:

Wash out your glassware thoroughly with soap and water and let it dry fully. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any residue on the glass surface, which is often left over from the price tag and packaging materials. Once the glass is dry, you can begin painting!

Step 2:

Apply the paint directly on the glass and begin creating your masterpiece. If you make a mistake, use the rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to remove any excess paint on the surface of the glass.

Note: If you are using multiple colours in your design, be sure to let the paint dry slightly before applying another colour to prevent them from bleeding into each other. Not the most artistic? That’s okay! Download a simple stencil of your design and place it inside your glass facing outwards. This will allow you to trace over the image with paint and get the flawless image you were hoping for.

Vase 2

Step 3:

To finish, let the paint dry by baking the glass in a low heat oven (350°) for around 30 minutes. If you are unable to bake your glass, you can also let it air dry for 21 days.

Vase 4

And voilà! You are ready to show off your beautiful new creation.

Happy painting!

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