Drunk In Love: Appreciating your Bridal Party

Gifts are great but not always the best way to show your appreciation, and although your maids will love that piece of jewelry you got for them they may not appreciate it as much if you have gone full fledged bridezilla on them.

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Trust Them

Wedding planning is stressful but your besties will stick by your side; and as much as you need control over everything sometimes you need to delegate to your ladies or gents. Showing them you trust them to handle certain tasks for such an important day not only says I trust you but you value them to carry out such important details. However, I am not saying appreciate your bridal party by making them your slaves but sometimes just including them in ways other than standing beside you on that day will say more as long as you keep their to-do list manageable.


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Mind Your Manners aka Say Thank You

It goes without saying but sometimes those two words are needed to be verbalized. By thanking your party verbally you are acknowledging them, and sometimes pride does win. We know everyone wants to keep their speeches simple, to the point and short but definitely thank the ladies and gents who dealt with your crazy and will continue to do so even after the wedding. If speeches aren’t your thing try planning a day to celebrate them – whether you host a brunch, go for a manicure before the big day or grab some drinks.


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Respect that They Have Lives Too

Your wedding may be your second full time job but it isn’t your bridesmaids. Remember they have stuff going on too and being mindful of their lives is a form of appreciation of their friendship. Don’t forget to stop and ask them about their lives too! Wedding details may be on your mind 24/7 but remember they are your bridesmaids because they are your nearest and dearest – don’t forget about that!


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