Drunk in Love: Getting those Engagement Pictures on Fleek

Newly engaged or not so newly engaged, the pressure surrounding your engagement pictures is intense. What do you wear? what time of year are you going to take them? And who’s going to be the photographer? Well, I cannot make these decisions for you but I can definitely tell you how my SO and I decided these things.

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Firstly, don’t go on a whim but do take chances. I tend to march to the own beat of my drum so I knew that a more traditional approach wasn’t for me, but I had to make sure the mister was okay with this. Luckily we booked fantastic photographers for our wedding and they included an engagement session in the package which most photographers tend to do so now a days. So keep this in mind, if you know you are going to hire a photographer for your wedding look into a package that includes an Engagement session – this is a great way to work with the photographer prior to your wedding day and get you comfortable with having the camera pointed at you for an extended period of time.


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Consider when you are having your wedding, you may not want to take your engagement photos the same time of year. We really considered this since our wedding is taking place in the fall we didn’t really want to have another set of fall photos so we heavily considered the Spring & Winter months as options. Same goes for those who are having a Summer wedding maybe look at taking Fall Engagement photos.


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Styling… Oh this is a tricky one, most photographers will offer some advice with coordinating your outfit but really consider the overall look you want to accomplish. Is it laid back? Fashion forward? Or Haute Couture? But don’t forget your partner, include them in this and really consider their comfort level as well. I don’t believe in matching your outfits but some coordination is key. Also, it wouldn’t help going to a stylist if you can but not everyone has that luxury. Try on many outfits and you can change your clothes through the session, I have had serious pangs of regret from many outfits so I really took my time curating my attire and helping my partner figure out his. I wants us to be true to ourselves and comfortable since we were taking our photos in Central America in 40 degree weather. I know i didn’t think this one through too much BUT I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy with the photos that Two of You Photography did for us.


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Our engagement photo experience really was planned on a whim, I decided to look into international photographers since we had a trip planned for Nicaragua. Lucky me I found Torontonian Joel Johnson from Two of You Photography who was moving to Nicaragua and does wedding photography. We were able to meet up in Toronto, discuss our ideas and styles and really have an informal chat before the trip. Once we met up in Granada I was very confident in Joel & Blue, they helped us feel at ease and brought us to incredible locations for photos we would have NEVER gotten in Toronto. Even though we were sweating profusely and so hot the pictures were definitely worth it. I was so happy to have stayed true to us and keep a casual feel to our looks and worth with incredible photographers. Just because I love you guys here is a sneak peek of some of our engagement photos from Nicaragua:

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