Drunk in Love: Wedding Trends for 2016

Trend forecasting is so much fun and weddings have definitely changed over the years. Couples are now opting to break tradition and personalize their weddings to suit their personality. 2016 has a lot of competition considering that 2015 was a breakout year for wedding trends and customization, here are the trends Creators Commune is predicting for 2016 Weddings.


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Yes, they had their breakout year in 2015 but 2016 we will be seeing much more of mixing metallic colours. Gone are those days where you could most definitely not pair silver with gold, but now we will be seeing a variety of mixes including coppers, rose golds, rustic golds, chrome and silvers.


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Local & Seasonal Blooms

Brides and Grooms are much more budget savvy these days and much more informed. 2016 will spark a year of couples opting for more garden style arrangements featuring local and seasonal blooms. Wondering what type of flowers will be blossoming around your big day? Check out Wedding Bells Seasonal Guide.


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Artistic Touches

Custom made and hand made unique items will be all the rage. Ranging from illustrations, lettering, paintings and especially motion design. Couples are looking for unique touches to specialize their day and keep as mementos.


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There is always a trendy treat for guests and 2016 will be the year of the popsicle. However your average popsicle won’t do; couples will be looking at gourmet fresh fruit treats made from signature cocktails for adults.


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 Family Style Dinners

Family style meals are beginning to popularize in restaurants so it would only be a matter of time before this trend blended into the wedding world. Instead of food stations and buffets, couples are now opting for family style menus to create a more family like atmosphere to their nuptials.


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Old & New Age Photography

I love my Instamax camera and it was no shock to me to hear that film photography is coming back. Couples are asking for a blend of film and digital images for a more specific look to the final product. 2016 there will be a resurgence of film photography but there will also be a spike in using drones for wedding videography and photography.


Even if you aren’t into trendy wedding ideas for your upcoming nuptials 2016 is looking to be a year full of untraditional and personalized elements. For whatever style you want to achieve couples planning their weddings have so many more options and access to incredible wedding professionals than ever before. If you need some style guide check our WedLuxe’s Wedding Show on January 10th at the Carlu.

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