Dyson is Changing the Way We Clean. Again.

Let’s be honest. No one ACTUALLY likes cleaning. But I figure, if we’re going to have to do it, why not invest in helpful gadgets and products that make our lives easier. That’s why I am so excited to tell about about the Dyson Cinetic Big BallTM on the day that it launches.

The Dyson Cinetic Big BallTM is the only vacuum that self-rights when toppled  helping you get the job done faster. Plus, with no filters to wash or replace and no bags to buy it means that the price you pay for the vacuum is all you will spend.

“The problem with some canister vacuums is that they can go off on a tangent and topple, leaving you to walk back over the floor you’ve just cleaned to right the machine. We challenged our engineers to refine the canister format, to solve this problem and others. The Dyson Cinetic Big BallTM is the only vacuum that self-rights when toppled. Further advances include hygienic dirt ejection and an articulated handle.” – 
James Dyson

It’s sleek spherical design not only looks great, but is designed to use gravitational forces that automatically returns the vacuum to its upright resting position. Plus, it is able to rotate in three directions allowing 360° movement to help you clean your house easily and throughly.

On August 23rd, the Dyson Cinetic Big BallTM will be available at DysonCanada.ca and major retailers across Canada starting September.


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