End of Summer To Do List

Is it just me or does it feel like it was just yesterday you were putting away your winter clothes and pulling out your summer dress? And then I blinked, and now it’s almost the end of August. But the summer isn’t over JUST yet, so why not put together a bucket list to end your summer in style?

Here are my TOP TEN things on my To Do List before the end of summer! What’s on yours?

#1 – Plan a Picnic

1 – Plan a Picnic

The only thing better than a lazy summer afternoon spent outdoors, is one where there is food involved. Whip up your favourite summer salad and sandwiches and enjoy your lunch al fresco in the park.

#2 – Go to an outdoor movie night

2 – Go to an outdoor movie night

I love how these are popping up all over the city. Grab a blanket, snacks and your best friends and enjoy an old film under the stars.

#3 – Do something adventurous

3 – Do something adventurous

The summer is the perfect time to challenge your inner thrill seeker. From white water rafting, to tree top trekking to stand up paddle boarding, the options for summer adventure are endless!

#4 – Go on a hike

4 – Go on a hike

Explore the wonders of nature in the summer while the weather is still nice and go on a hike!

#5 – Drink Sangria on a patio

5 – Drink Sangria

Hopefully by now this has already been crossed off your list, but it doesn’t hurt to pour one more glass! Try a refreshing white wine sangria instead, you know, just to change things up.

#6 – Hop in, let’s go on a road trip to the beach!

6 - Beach

Get the last of your summer glow and soak up the sun at the beach.

#7 – Finish the book on your summer reading list

 7- Summer Reading List

There are so many books still on my list to read this summer and I can’t wait to relax in the sun and finish them!

#8 – Go to an outdoor music festival or concert

8 – Go to an outdoor music festival or concert

Take advantage of the warm summer nights and dance under the stars!

#9 – Go to a farmer’s or flea market

9 – Go to a farmer’s or flea market

Enjoy the fresh products and baked goods at your local farmer’s market or uncover the hidden gems at a flea market. You never know what you’ll find, and hunting through the old treasures is half the fun!

#10 – Try a fancy ice cream treat!

10 - Ice Cream Sandwich (2) 10 - Ice Cream Sandwich

I love that these exciting ice cream sandwiches are all the rage this summer. Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge on one of these delicious treats!

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