#FamilyTravel: Taking the Kids on a Train

Last week, my nephew Noah took his very first train ride with VIA Rail. Given all of the excitement and activities centered around Canada and Ottawa this year, taking a quick jaunt to Ottawa was only fitting. This summer, children aged 2-11 can travel with VIA Rail for only $15 making this trip an affordable one. This fare is offered until August 31st on economy class for children aged 2-11 must be accompanied by at least 1 adult (including senior or youth aged 18 or over). Up to 5 children can travel for $15 each per adult travelling on the same dates, on the same trains and between the same stations.

Our train left from Union Station bright and early in the morning. My family warned me that travelling with kids could be quite difficult but my experience with train proved to be the exact opposite. Passengers travelling with small children or who had disabilities were given priority boarding allowing us to get settled on the train without having to wait in the main line. There was more then enough room in the luggage area for his booster seat for the car to sit on top of our suitcase. We were assigned two seats side by side allowing Noah to look out the window during the train ride to catch glimpses of the scenery. And that he did for the full ride catching glimpses of Lake Ontario, farm land and the small Ontario towns along the way. For larger families and groups travelling, there is also pairs of facing seats allowing four passengers to sit together.

One of the best surprises of the trip was the CHOO CHOO CLUB. During your voyage, a VIA Rail staff member comes by with an activity bag filled with exciting items like activity books, a paper toy VIA train, a postcard and more. The postcard was a fun way for Noah to write a note and mail it to his parents back at home.

The train ride back was just as easy as the train ride there as Noah eagerly awaiting re-boarding his train and could not wait to see what lay beyond his train window.

For more information on VIA Rail’s exciting options for family travel, visit their website online here.

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