Feel Good Gift Giving Guide

A couple years ago my mom won Christmas, she did so by literally getting me the best gift ever. A lot of my family and friends know how much I love to volunteer my time and give back as much as I possibly can, so for Christmas that one year my mom decided to donate the money she would have spent of gifts towards a family in need. The following year, as a family we decided to sponsor a Christmas for at risk youth, and every year since as a family we have tried to spread Christmas cheer in different ways.

Now, I know some of these ideas take a lot of initiative and organization to follow through however there are so many ways you can give back and feel good about using your money to make a difference. Here are some easy ways you can give a gift and feel freaking awesome about it too!


  1. World Vision – Sports Equipment $10+
  2. Fair + Square Pocket Squares – Handkerchief $20
  3. Shop Love & Above for Jordana’s Rainbows – Wish Bracelet $22
  4. Plan International Gifts of Hope – Back to School Kit – $40
  5. The Dad Project – Gifts for the Cure – $50
  6. Gifts for the Cure – A Wig –  $75
  7. Food for the Hungry – Clean Water Tap $75
  8. The Little Market – Kantha Quilt $200+

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