Feeling the Heatwave in Toronto

While it may seem that summer is off to a slow start in the city, I’ve found another way to add some heat to my June in Toronto. Doritos Heatwave tortilla chips have come to Canada and are lighting your taste buds on fire transforming from the initial BBQ flavour to a chili flavour as you chew causing a wave of heat to flood the mouth for a deliciously spicy sensation!

The Doritos Heatwave travelled all across Toronto to check out the reaction of heat lovers and those adventurous enough to take the challenge. Follow the Doritos Canada on social to see more of the new Heatwave Dorito.

Doritos Heatwave tortilla chips are now available in stores across Canada, allowing Doritos you to experience the unique flavour for the first time.If you’re bold enough to try them, packets bags of Doritos Heatwave tortilla chips are available in the BBQ & Chili flavour in 235g wherever PepsiCo Foods Canada products are sold.

Unleash your baby dragon.


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