Finding Common Ground with Reef

If there is one thing that’s should be on your bucket list to discover throughout Canada, it’s the surf culture seen from coast to coast. And lucky for you, if you don’t have the chance to travel there anytime soon, you can watch it depicted beautifully online.”Common Ground” is a specially created film devoted to the exploration of Canada’s East and West coasts from Halifax to BC.

This stunning video is perfect for Canadian travellers who are looking to uncover what our country has to offer in terms of new surfing terrains, just in time for summer. “Common Ground” follows four Reef ambassadors as they surf the subzero temperatures of the east to the mixed up beach break of the west. Fiilmed and edit by the talented Adam Chilton, this film captured the “Just Passing Through” surf and lifestyle philosophy, exploring Canada’s cold water destinations, from Coast to Coast with Reef Canadian ambassadors Pete Devries, Michael Darling, Logan Landry and Shannon Brown.

Marcus Paladino_007_Pete Devries

“It was so fun to explore the east and west of Canada with the boys”, says Pete Devries. “The contrast of waves and temperatures made for two very different experiences. The east was full of long rippable waves, subzero temperatures and falling snow. The west was all about pouring rain, quick mixed up beach break and green rain forests.  I’m happy to call the west coast home but I am definitely a little jealous of some of their setups.”

“Common Ground” features different walks of life, coming together on their journey of Just Passing Through. From Eastern Canada, Nova Scotia to Tofino, British Colombia, Pete, Michael, Logan and Shannon embark on the search of waves in some of the most remote places in Canada. 

Mike Bromley_009_Shannon Brown


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