Food Phoneography 101

Admit it, we all love to take pictures of our food. We are all guilty of snapping a shot of your drool worthy meal and posting it on social media for envious onlookers to like. But have you ever wondered how to make your meal look its best on Instagram? The experts at Henry’s School of Imaging have created a course to show us how to create the most mouth-watering photos of food and drink using a mobile device.

Food Phoneography is the art of mobile photography, where digital images are shot and processed on an iOS or android device, with the subject being nothing short of delicious. Ren Bostelaar, Manager of Henry’s School of Imaging hosted a dinner at Thoroughbred Food & Drink and shared his expert tips with on how to take photos with your camera phone that are both unique and appetizing.

  1.      Go for the Best Angle

Dishes may appear vastly different from various angles. A 45 degree angle will capture the plate from the diner’s perspective, while incorporating unique details like utensils and dishware. Consider positioning your phone even lower to capture details like steam rising from a hot dish, or shoot straight down from a birds-eye-view to emphasize the patterns and textures of the table setting.



Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

  1.      Turn Off the Flash

The flash built into camera phones is responsible for doing one thing – flooding the frame with light. As a result, pictures will show harsh shadows and unflattering detail. Instead, try positioning the shot near a window to make the best use of natural light.



  1.      Don’t Just Post-and-Go

A camera phone can do a decent job of capturing the scene, but sometimes it needs a little something extra. There are a host of post-processing options available from a device’s app store that will allow users to tweak pictures to achieve epicurean excellence.



  1.      Get into the Scene

Add a human element by putting yourself in the shot. Use a self-timer and a small tripod to capture hands and utensils in action. This will add a lot of life to the picture, and the results will be even more appealing.



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