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With locations all across Toronto, WAXON WAXBAR is a specialty beauty bar that will help you keeping smooth, on trend and looking flawless after every appointment. With an excellent team of waxologists, all certified estheticians are trained the WAXON way; you are guaranteed a virtually painless experience and the highest level of care. Using three different types of wax, their a committed to providing you the best service possible. First opened in 2012 by founder Lexi MilesWAXON WAXBAR is the high-end trendy environment both men and women were looking for to provide all of their beauty essentials.

The hottest beauty secret this season is achieving the perfect bold brow. WAXON‘s owner Lexi Miles shared her tips and tricks for getting the best brow this year!

“Heading into 2015, it’s still all about the brow. Bold brows are still stealing the show and are bigger than ever (pun
intended)! The runways are full of everything brow, from unique ‘unkept’ au natural brows to intense arches and dark
brow tints. However, to achieve even the au natural-look, your brows still need maintenance. See a brow specialist to
understand what brow shape naturally suits your face and how you can achieve your ideal brow style.”

STEP 1: Find your natural brow shape.

Determine where your inner brow should end.
• Hold a straight edge, such as a brow pencil or make up brush, vertically in front of your face. Line it up so
that it touches the outermost edge of your nose and the inside of your eye. This line will determine where
your brow should start.

Determine where your arch should peak.
• Angle the straight edge so that it lines up with the outermost edge of your nose and the outermost edge of
your iris.
• Wherever the line intersects your brow is where the peak of your arch should begin.
Determine where your outer brow should end.
• Angle the straight edge further so that it touches the outermost edge of your nose and also passes along the
outermost edge of your eye. This tells you where your brow should end.

WAXON Waxbar - Brow Brush
STEP 2: Fake it till you make it!

Using a mascara wand or WAXON’s WOW Brow Brush, brush your brows in a slightly upward direction to create
the appearance of a fuller brow.
Blend WAXON WOW Brow Duo shades (2 shades in every pot) to get the perfect match. Follow your natural brow
shape outline found in step 1, apply powder against the hair growth, then in the direction of the hair growth for a
more natural look.

HOT TIP: When filling in your brows, know your colour.
Blondes: tint or shade 1 to 2 shades darker than hair colour
Brunettes: tint or shade 1 colour darker than hair colour.
Redheads: tint or shade brows using a blend of the blonde WOW Brow DUO

WAXON Waxbar - Wow Brow Duo Blonde copy
STEP 3: Complete with WAXON Brow Fix
Keep your brows ‘in line’ using WAXON Brow fix. Apply product in the direction of hair growth to hold that flawless
shape in place all day long (with no flakes, to boot!)

WAXON Waxbar - Brow Fix 1

WAXON has just launched their own signature line of beauty products, soaps and scrubs to meet all of you skin care needs using natural ingredients like coconut oil, natural exfoliants like sugar and white lava, and medicinal arnica oil. “WAXON is always looking for ways to provide the best experience for our customers. With that in mind, we are excited to re-launch our WAXON body care products that are now locally made and all-natural,” says Lexi Miles, founder of WAXON WAXBAR. “We were inspired by the trend in organic beauty to get involved in the development, production, and branding of products to bring the new line to our waxers.”

Waxon Waxbar

 In a variety of delicious scents, check out their Hydrating Body Cocktail and BodyShot today made from all natural and super absorbent ingredients that will keep your skin feeling soft and supple all day long. For an added cleanser and exfoliator, try On The Rocks help your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. The dual exfoliator Loofah Scrub designed to help reduce ingrown hairs both before and after waxing.

Waxon Waxbar
Waxon Waxbar
Waxon Waxbar
Waxon Waxbar

For more information on WAXON‘s locations, services and line of products, visit them online at:

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