Give your Dad the Lawn of his Dreams with Husqvarna

This Father’s Day, give dad the gift of time with the Husqvarna 315 Automower. Instead of spending hours cutting the lawn, your dad will be able to enjoy more quality time with the family. With more than 325 years of engineering innovation and over 20 years of robotic experience, Husqvarna is the leader in robotic mowers that will help dad achieve the lawn of his dreams.  

The 315 Automower has a mowing capacity of 1/3 acres and is able to find its way around complex lawns—it even tackles slopes with a 40 per cent incline. The Automower is smartly designed to navigate around large obstacles and will gently back away when bumps into objects such as fences or tree trunks. It also features an anti-theft system; if someone decides to steal dad’s new gift, the 315 Automower will sound an alarm once removed from its designated cutting area and it also requires a PIN code for activation.

The 315 Automower comes with a charging station and when it starts to run low on battery power it is smart enough to return “home” to recharge. It is also an ecofriendly and emission-free mower that is incredibly silent, allowing dad to turn it on any time of the day without disturbing the neighbors. Plus, on top of these great qualities the Husqvarna Automower can operate rain or shine. What more could your dad want?
315 colour series

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