Graffiti Chic

I’ve always been interested in art. From photography to more classical paintings to the contemporary to the abstract, there is something about seeing an artist’s self expression on a canvas that I find very intriguing. One of the best parts of visiting Washington last fall was exploring the many different Smithsonian museums. I spent two days on my own wandering through these historic collections and getting in paintings that are hundreds of years old. My favouite museum though had to be the National Portrait Gallery. I am always so fascinated by how a portrait can capture a moment in time so accurately from how they looked at that moment to their emotions and what they were feeling while it was being painted, or when the contemporary photograph was taken. I think that’s why in both my family and my friend group, I’m always the one snapping pictures and trying to captures those moments in time forever.

For my look today, I’ve decided to show you a more playful look for the summer. As you can probably tell from my last few lookbooks, I’m beyond obsessed with my Sanuk shoes. I honestly wear them everywhere. Their motto of being never uncomfortable resonates with me as , I will admit that I’ll sacrifice fashion over comfort anyday. Yes, yes, I know sometimes heels are the chic option to choose with most looks, but my inner tomboy just can’t jump on board. So finding a pair of slip ons that look good with a jeans, skirt and even a dress is a dream for me. Paired with a lightweight tank from aniimiism, a fun and flirty tiered skirt from Filthy Haanz‘s resort and a great chunky wrap bracelet from Moon Rox, I’m ready for a casual weekend day exploring the city or the perfect lightweight casual vacation outfit! And the best part of working with these designers? They’re all Canadian. Yup! Made and designed in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, I am so proud to be wearing pieces from Canadian made talent for today’s look!

Top: aniimiism

Skirt: Filthy Haanz

Bracelet: Moon Rox

Shoes: Sanuk

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