Head Back to School in Style with the iStore

A couple weeks ago I dropped by Scarborough Town Centre for the opening of the iStore. Seen in airports and malls across North America, this innovative concept store is your one stop shop for any kind of computer, cell phone or Apple related accessory that you could be looking for. With the long weekend fast approaching, and back to school JUST around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to share with you my top 5 school year essentials that will help you survive the year in style.

I can’t count the number of times I am stuck with a phone at only 30% battery, and am forced to keep switching it from airplane mode (my battery saver trick!) to not to try and prolong the ever dwindling power that I have left. But thanks to the Agent 18- Dart Battery  you can even an extra full charge of battery on the go in just a flash. This is a lifesaver for anyone commuting to school and may not have the chance to charge their phone in between three-hour lectures.

20141119AGENT18-163Who else remembers having those giant 5 star binders back in elementary school that you stuffed full of every book, coloured pen, and sticker page that you could find. The Cocoon Smart Phone Case reminds me of that…almost like the binder for the modern generation to keep your phone and any other piece of important information quickly on hand in a super organized way.

CPG10BK_hero From commuting to campus, to walking to classes, to the countless hours at the library, to the sanctioned gym breaks…investing in a great pair of headphones will be a life saver this school year. Plus, these FRENDS headphones are super stylish and will look great with any outfit. FRENDS_TAYLOR_ROSE 3

Since my laptop is probably the most expensive thing I own, keeping it safe is my number one priority. This Kate Spade laptop case will not only protect it my MacBook but is a trendy piece to keep with me too! KateSpade_MBP_Suffino_Aqua_hero

I remember living in my dorm room in first year and always tripping over and  getting confused by the cords around my desk. So the Dotz Cord Identifie  is so handy to know which cord is for what in a snap!


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