Help fund clean water wells with Cloth&Water

Cloth & Water was founded in 2012 by filmmaker Mark Bone, who was impacted by the lack of clean drinking water in developing countries. Through Erdo organization, the grassroots company has been able to build five wells in Bangladesh with its former line of tee shirts and tank tops.  Cloth & Water is a non-profit fashion brand that leverages fashion consumption to assist in providing clean water to those in developing countries without access to it. And as a registered non-profit, all of their net profits go towards supporting the building of water wells in developing countries

The brand is taking its mission to the next level with the new capsule collection, which includes unisex, monochromatic tees and sleek leather bags. The startup launched a Kickstarter campaign to jumpstart the new collection and support their mission to build water wells in developing countries. It will also give them more independence in their designs and the freedom to support local vendors. It will allow them to have more independence in their designs as well as the freedom to support local garment, leather, and printing factories, as we partner to produce premium shirts, jackets, and leather accessories at accessible prices.

Watch the Kickstarter video and learn more about the brand here.


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