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I have always enjoyed listening to music on my commutes but recently I committed myself to a reading challenge for 2017 and I attempted my first audiobook to help me reach that goal a little quicker by filling up time that would have been spent scream singing while driving home. At first, it was strange to me, listening to a book as opposed to reading it, but I was hooked instantly and finding this “time” to read consumed my brain. Then came the inevitable, I downloaded my first podcast. If I thought that audiobooks were great, boy I had another thing coming because I was instantly hooked and trying to find different podcasts that I didn’t hate the sound of the hosts voice and could learn a thing or two.

I myself, am a little obsessive with true crime stories so most of the podcasts I was instantly addicted to feature a similar theme, but after a few months I was able to expand my horizons and discover the crazy universe of limitless podcast subjects. There really is a podcast for EVERYONE!

So here is my list of what I am listening to:


My Favourite Murder

It all started with Georgia Hardstark & Karen Kilgariff for me, seriously these girls have a knack for story telling and making me giggle. They are super relatable and find a way of bringing comedy to the true crime category. Also, “Stay Sexy. Don’t Get Murdered” is literally the best slogan ever.



Next up for me was S-Town by the creators of Serial and This American Life. I literally binge listened to all the episodes within a few days. This time around, host and reporter Brian Reed is quickly swallowed up by all the questions surrounding a small town in Alabama and one of its residents John B McLemore specifically and I couldn’t help but be bewitched by this story.




Of course, after listening to S-Town I wanted to see what the creators other podcasts were like and I was not disappointed by Season 1 or Season 2 of Serial. These fact based and seriously produced podcasts will definitely have you going down the rabbit hole trying to determine what is fact and what is fiction as they follow two separate storylines in each season.




For a shorter fix, Lore has it all – detailing the history behind some of the scariest stories you may or may not know. Not only is this a critically acclaimed podcast but writer, host, and producer Aaron Mahnke will be bringing Lore to print and television screens soon!


Missing Richard Simmons

If you have not wondered about Richard Simmons or where this fitness guru is then this podcast probably isn’t for you. However, in February 2014 Richard Simmons literally cut away from society, and in attempts to figure out where he is and why he left filmmaker Dan Taberski realizes how strange things really are going to get!


Headphones in feature photo are from Frends. 

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