Holiday Hair with Schwarzkopf Professional

Looking for easy “do it yourself” holiday hairstyles that you can recreate at home? Award winning hair stylists Rossa Jurenas and Paul Pereira from Schwarzkopf Professional have created three essential and versatile party looks. These simple yet elegant styles are bound to turn heads at your next festive celebration and transition seamlessly from day to night.

From runway of New York Fashion Week to real life, everyone is now adding texture to their hair with twists, braids and a variety of accessories. This holiday season; make your bun glamorous by braiding a scarf into your hair. This look is perfect for any occasion and a great way to give some to create a chic pop of colour to contrast your little black dress!


Simply secure your hair in a loose ponytail. Use a tail comb to add a bit of volume to your ponytail. Secure the scarf to the ponytail and divide the hair equally and braid the scarf into your hair. Twist the hair into a bun and secure with a pin where you are holding the hair. Depending how heavy the hair is, use a couple more pints to secure the hair so that your party perfect bun stays as you dance the night away. You can also switch up the look by leaving some curls out or changing up the size or material of your scarf.


Go from your desk straight to dinner with these versatile curls. Arrive at work in the morning with a full head of beautiful curls. For an effortless wave, wrap your hair around the curling iron by leaving the hair out of the tong. This will give your curls a looser, more effortless look.


Add some glitz and glamour as you transition into the evening by accessorizing your hair with a fabulous headband. Use your tail comb to add some texture to the back of the hair above the head band and let your curls flow freely below it. If needed, secure the headband by crossing pins in an ‘x’ shape behind the ear to lock the elastic piece in place. Looking for a more polished up-do? Simply grab the piece of hair below and tuck them behind the elastic headband. Messy chic is in, so don’t overthink how the hair falls. A more natural undone look is trending this season.

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Lucky for me, this season is all about big curls. Open up your curls and achieve that volume you are looking for by brushing out your curl. The perfect hot roller wave and ringlet is out and more natural curls are in. Don’t be afraid to play with volume by using push-pull techniques to achieve a natural backcombing look. Try also experimenting with shapes by securing the hair with pins to add some height and dimension to your hair.

Tip: For all of you naturally curly headed girls, try blow-drying your hair on ‘cold’ from underneath to help prevent frizz!


Photos taken by Jenna Wakani

Finish your looks with a hairspray or shine spray from Schwarzkopf’s OSiS Collection!For more information on their latest hair care products and tutorials, visit their website online at:

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