Host Your Own Christmas Cocktail Party

I love hosting parties. From the table decoration to planning the menu, there is nothing that I enjoy more than catering a soirée for my friends. This year, I have decided to switch it up and host a Christmas Cocktail Party. It is always nice to bring people together over the holiday season, so why not try a spread of festive cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at your next get together.

What are you cooking this year for the holidays? Share your favourite recipes in the comments below!

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In the age of Pinterest, decorations are everything. Make your party festive  by dressing up the table with rich greens and warm red tones. You eat first with your eyes and then with your mouth. Create a scape that is not only practical for guests but appealing. Looking for something more modern? Try contrasting traditional Christmas colours with seasonal hues like blue or white to brighten up the room. Fun table runners, like the chalkboard one below, are an interactive way to help your guests navigate your spread. But always remember that less is more, keep is simple, classic and elegant.







Impress your guests with range of signature cocktails for the evening. A light gin drink like the French Connection from East Thirty-Six is bound to please even the most discerning drinkers of the evening by muddling cucumber with light and refreshing flavours. Whisky is all the rage this holiday season. Or, have your guests warm up by the fire with the E36 Smoked Boulevadier which infuses a light and refreshing orange flavor into the drink.
East Thirty-Six - Cocktail Recipe - French Connection
East Thirty-Six - Cocktail Recipe - Boulevardier
Revamp the classic drink with Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar which uses only the finest ingredients that include vine-ripened tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, grated horseradish, select spices and real clam juice from the North Atlantic, Walter is a fresh premium spin on the classic Canadian cocktail. All you need to do is garnish, add your favourite vodka to the mix or serve virgin and they are ready to go! Check out our favourite dirty Caesar reciepe from Oliver & Bonacini below!
Walter_choppingblock - Pacific Rim Caesar Recipe

Bon Appetit

Just because you are making appetizers and small plates doesn’t mean you can’t have a great spread that will delight your guests. The key is finding delicious, bite size options for your guests to nibble on during the evening. This year I will be catering my party from Pusateri’s Fine Foods. Their extensive high end menu has a wide range of tasting menu option with variety of hors d’oeuvres, fine charcuterie platters and indulgent desserts. The key to a great menu is diversity. Mix up your cuisine with an assortment of savory snacks with sweet treats that are served both warm and cool.
Pusateri's Catering
Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? My favourite find this year are the new Baker Street Yummi! Desserts in a Jar. These portable, individually wrapped desserts are available in a variety of flavours and contain thick creamy mousses and icings sandwiched between airy, moist layers of cake perfectly packaged for the party guests to carry as they mingle. From Chocolate Truffle to Meyer Lemon to Strawberry Greek Yogurt and more, these is enough variety to satisfy everyone.
Baker Street Yummi! Desserts in a Jar

Happy hosting!


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