HouseAddict: Celebrating 12 Years in Toronto’s Music Scene

Over the last few decades, we’ve seen the underground electronic music scene grow and evolve within Toronto welcoming and bidding adieu to some of the biggest contenders in the industry. With the recent closure of the iconic Guvernment Nightclub, a new era of EDM is welcomed to create a new home for dance music and create a subculture of their own. For the last twelve years, Houseaddict has been throwing parties all over the city. Form night clubs dating back to System Sound Bar, Footwork Night club, moving into CODA since its inception, along with many pop-up jams, Houseaddict has prided itself on staying at the forefront of the electric music scene within the city of Toronto.IMG_3561


In honour of their 12th year, Houseaddict will continue to through some of the best electric dance music parties in the city featuring some of the best talents in deep house, house, and tech. Join us on October 24th with Tube & Berger, the label bosses of Kittball Records, at the newly renovated Nest event space with cask-conditioned beer provided by Bar Volo. We can’t wait to see you there!


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