How to Give the Perfect Gift

Holiday gift giving doesn’t have to be hard. Nor does it need to be expensive. In order to navigate your way through the holidays with ease, we’re sharing the Founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Manners Lisa Gache etiquette secrets for the holidays!  And to help you stay on budget, all of the gifts we’ve selected are from WINNERS, HomeSense and Marshalls to help you find some of the best items at any price point. According to Lisa, here is a guide to the people you should be gifting this holiday season!

1. The Nice List
Anyone who has made a significant contribution in your life over the year are the perfect recipient for a thoughtful gift. From your children’s teachers to someone you work with professionally, say thank you in style to these people with a simple, but thoughtful gift. When giving a boss or colleague a gift, think of items that may speak to their personal interest but that are not extravagant. It is important to stay professional but consider items that they may find useful!

Gourmet Hot Chocolate $12.99 – Marhalls
Bourbon Scented Candle $12.99 – HomeSense
Vintage-Inspired Chocolate Bar Gift Set $9.99 – Marshalls
Winter Spice Scented Soaps $8.99 ea. – HomeSense

2. For The Host
One of the best parts of the holiday season are the many parties and gatherings that you will be invited to. But don’t forget to be a gracious guest this holiday season and never arrive anywhere empty handed. A bottle of wine is always a safe present, but why not switch things up this year with a present they will find useful. Think of what they would love and may need and pick something special to them. Another fun touch is if you are bringing food with you, do so on a dish that they can keep!
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Champagne Flutes $3.99 ea. – HomeSense
Decorative Marble Cutting Boards Starting at $9.99 ea. – WINNERS
Boxed Cheese Knife Set $12.99 – Marshalls
Set of 2 Whisky Glasses $12.99 – HomeSense

3. The Little Ones
The holidays are sometimes the most fun for those tiny tots in your life. But for the children who seem to have everything, try and pick out function gifts that will also please their parents. Portable toys (like a colouring book or block set) are great to take with you to the various events over the holiday season. And who doesn’t wait to wake up on Christmas morning in a pair of warm holiday PJ’s !
tri_holiday_gift_giving_tjx0716154243-lr tri_holiday_gift_giving_tjx0716154236-lr tri_holiday_gift_giving_tjx0716158729-lr tri_giftgiving_tjx_150930_winners_9470-lr
Mid-century Modern Animals Colouring Book $9.99 – HomeSense
Wooden Block Set $19.99 – HomeSense
Holiday Pajama Set $9.99 – Marshalls
Flannel Pajama Set $14.99 – WINNERS

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