How To Grill The Perfect Steak + Cocktail Recipes

The next stop in my adventures in grilling, it to learn how to make the perfect steak. Thanks to our good friends over at Weber Grills and Chef Michael P. Clive, we’ve decided to share with you’re their tips for grilling steak the “Weber Way”! I’m so excited to try this out on my Weber Q as I share my cooking journey with you all summer long. We started off by learning how to make delicious burgers but now it’s time to learn more about grilling your meats to perfection. Here are Chef Michael P. Clive tips and tricks that he shared exclusively for all of you!

“Before I even address the steak preparation I get my grill going…

    • Always pre heat your grill…I usually pre heat for a minimum of 10-15 minutes to ensure the grates have absorbed all that hot energy
    • Keep it clean…clean your grates after pre heating using a stainless steel brush to ensure your food doesn’t stick to the grates
    • Put a lid on it! Have you heard the saying “looking isn’t cooking”? Keep your lid closed while grilling. This keeps the grates hot enough to sear the food. It also speeds up your cooking time and prevents the food from drying out not to mention prevents flare-ups by limiting the oxygen. I also like keeping the lid down to trap in the smokiness that develops when fat & juices vaporize in the grill enveloping your food while it grills”


Grilling Tips Your Steak

  • “If I’m grilling a leaner strip steak I begin by oiling my food NOT the grates. I use an olive oil. I rub the oil evenly all over the steaks to prevent them from sticking to the cooking grate…the oil also helps the seasonings adhere to the meat. Sometimes coarse salt & freshly ground pepper are all you need for a great tasting steak
  • After I preheating the grill with all burners on high for 10-15 minutes and cleaning your cooking grates, prepare your grill for direct high heat (500F-550F in order to sear). I always go for direct vs indirect if the total cook time is under 20 minutes
  • Lay each steak on the cooking grate over high heats if it were the small hand of a clock pointing to ten o’clock. Then CLOSE the lid!
  • After two to three minutes, lift each steak with tongs-not a fork! Piercing the steaks means losing delicious juices
  • Rotate the steaks so they point to two o’clock, close the lid, and let them sear for another tow to three minutes
  • Flip each steak and check out those handsome crosshatch grill marks
  • Putting crosshatches on the second side is optional. The key now is to finish the steaks, with the lid down, without overcooking them. An internal doneness of 125F-130F will give you a medium rare steak
  • As the steak rests for a few minutes after grilling, the internal temperature will climb 5F and the juices will redistribute evenly
  • Serve and enjoy with your family & friends…they will be happy!”

Tips courtesy of Weber-Stephen Canada Company and Weber Grill Specialist and Celebrity Chef Michael P. Clive of the Weber Grill Academy. Visit for more tips. Visit for information on grilling classes.

The Perfect Cocktail From Jägermeister!

Need a cocktail to pair with your perfect steak? Why not mix up one of these delicious cocktails from Jägermeister! Try them out and let us know which one was your favourite to sip on during this long weekend!

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Recipes and Images Courtesy of Jägermeister.

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