“How-To” Hygge with Article

The decor and lifestyle trend, hygge, has been sweeping North America by storm. In our “how-to” series, we sat down with Maureen Welton, the Creative Director at the Scandinavian and mid-century inspired furniture brand Article to learn more about the trend and how you can incorporate it into your home.

  1. How do you define hygge?

For me, hygge is creating a personal sense of warmth and well-being in any space through everyday gestures.

  1. What traditional items embody hygge to you?

Warm spaces. Replacing a sisal rug with a wool one, incorporating lots of pillows and throws in warm and soft materials—beautifully woven wools and alpaca, sheepskins and velvets.

Lighting. Lots of candles and subtle mood lighting to add a soft glow and gentle shadows into the space.

  1. How has Article incorporated this style of decor and design into their furniture?

Through fabrics and materials. Our cotton velvet sofas feel cozy on your skin and are always nap-worthy. Our velvet EMBRACE chair is covered in luxurious velvet and is shaped to hold your body like a big hug. Our leathers have a soft hand and a vintage appearance; they look well-loved, like they’ve been part of your space for a long time.

  1. What are some simple pieces (from Article and in general) that you can add hygge to your home?

Our latest lookbook features new pillows, sheepskin throws and poufs that will add softness and texture to your room. Adding a few pillows and our BALLA or LANNA sheepskin to a chair or sofa will immediately make it feel more cozy. Our soft woven wool poufs will add softness to your seating arrangements.
Lookbook 5-January 2017-19

  1. What do you think is the key into making a happier home?

Select timeless, simple furniture and accessories—ones that you’ll love for a long time. Layer on warm rugs, pillows and throws. Entertain your loved ones in your space often—the caring, love and laughter linger long after they leave. Clean and edit your home regularly so it stays uncluttered and feels fresh and open.

  1. What is your secret to a happy life? 

Spend time in open spaces. See the sun and moon rise as often as you can. Look at the stars. Plant and tend your own food and flowers. Invite friends over often. Show your love to someone everyday in small daily gestures.

  1. Do hygge and cozy differ? Or do you see them as the same? 

From a design perspective, a space that embodies a sense of comfort and warmth could also be described as cozy, in which case I’d view them as the same. However, hygge has another, more elusive component; one of fresh and personal style. It is the feeling you get from the perfect cereal bowl or special cooking pot; your favorite chair or a cheerful vase of fresh flowers. It’s the feeling that you’ve put some of your deeper, thoughtful self into your living spaces.

  1. Is there a place in your home that you identify in particular as hygge?

In my living room, when I sit on my worn leather sofa covered in knit pillows in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a warm throw with a perfect cup of coffee and books all around. Through my window, I can see the winter birds at my feeders, chattering and excited, regardless of the weather.

Lookbook 5-January 2017-4

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