“How-To” Hygge with Furninova

For the next few weeks, we are taking you on a journey through scandinavian design exploring the wonderful warm world of hygge. We sat down with Lenka Teilmann from Furninova who will be showcasing products as part of the Jalice Interiors exhibit at the Interior Design Show in Toronto to learn more about this new decor trend.


1/How do you define hygge?
Hygge is a Scandinavian way of living. To “hygge dig” in every day life is normal. Weather is very bad most of the year so we need to have a great time anyway. Even on a windy, dark, cold rainy day it can be so “hyggeligt!” If I should think items, then definitely candles, fire place, sofa, armchair, footstool, warm plaid, cosy rug, small lamps, outside hurricanes with candles, cup of good coffee/tea/hot chocolate, warm apple pie, good book,….

2/How have you incorporated this style of decor and design into your designs? Or the curation of IDS?

First of all the sofas/armchairs must be super comfortable. We have designs for everybody, every person is different, somebody tall, somebody short, somebody who wants to sit, somebody who wants to lay down and watch a movie. We have sofas and armchairs for everybody and offer many different styles and comforts, so that each individual can find their very own piece of total hygge and make it their own by choosing the combination, cover, legs and comfort they wish for themselves and their family. Hygge is individual and so should be the living room! Living room is the perfect place for Hygge.

3/What are some simple pieces (from your own brand and in general) that you can add hygge to your home?

That are definitely our most comfortable sofas and armchairs. To sit/lay down and relax in our Tracy, Rocco, Vesta or new Sake sofa. Enjoy a book in Turtle, Shabby or Time Out armchair. Let your kids sit down and play on our new Hexagons footstools. Fill up your sofa with cool deco cushions Red Rock, Samba, Marble, and have those pieces placed on some of our super cozy rugs as Marrocco. Lamps from Soul will add the final touch of Hygge with creating the right balance of shadow.
Jalice Interiors -Conform Sweden Timeout Chair

4/ What do you think is the key into making a happier home?

Be happy and grateful for what you have. Have fun in every situation!

5/What is your secret to a happy life?

Enjoying every second NOW! Be happy for what YOU have TODAY.

6/ Do hyggee and cozy differ? Or do you seem them as the same?

Hygge and cozy differ. You would say: “Hygge dig!” when somebody goes out (Enjoy!), “Var det hyggeligt?” Did you had a great time? And so on. Hyggemeans many words and not only cozy. Hygge is a way of Scandinavian life, enjoying every second and having a great time (even the weather is a disaster during the whole year).

7/Is there a place in your home that you identify in particular as hygge?

​Our living room, sitting on our huge Vesta sofa looking at the sea and fire place on the same time. Playing games with our kids on this spot, listening to the waves of sea and wind outside and enjoying the time together- that is pure hygge for me.
Jalice interiors - Furninova Sweden Athena 3 Seater

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