How to Make an Income Living on the Road

Life with a white picket fence in the suburbs isn’t for everyone. More people are pursuing a different kind of American Dream, embracing their inner nomad and living life on the road. It’s a romantic notion, but how can you generate an income without putting down roots? Here are just a few of your options.

Work for a Franchise That Gives You Flexibility

Working for an established franchise is less risky than working for yourself. Franchises have proven business practices from which you can benefit. However, unlike working for a regular organization, you won’t have a boss breathing down your neck. That means you can typically choose your own working hours and do your job from anywhere.

For many franchise jobs, traveling is actually an advantage. For example, if you’re an independent business owner with Amway, you’ll benefit from having new people to sell products to and recruit to the business in every new city you visit.

Get a Telecommuting Job

In the digital world, many jobs don’t require you to come into an office. With a telecommuting job, you’ll only need a reliable internet connection to make some money. The best telecommuting jobs require qualifications, but anyone who has the right degree or experience can make some serious coin on the road. Graphic and web design jobs, programming positions, copywriting roles, and social media managers are all positions that suit travelers well. Although your schedule may be flexible, make sure to check your email regularly to learn of new projects and deadlines.

Become a Blogger

Most organizations want their copywriters to have journalism or communication degrees or at least professional portfolios. To become a blogger, however, all you need is a passion for writing. Free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger take care of the tech stuff and let you focus on your content. You should have plenty of inspiration for that as you make your way around the country or the rest of the world.

While a travel blog would be a natural fit for someone living on the road, you can write about any topic you’re passionate about. Make sure to supplement your blog posts with plenty of pictures. Your income can come from sponsored posts, affiliate links, and advertisements posted on your blog. To maximize the money you’re making, promote your blog through social media and by writing guest posts on other blogs in your niche.

Go Antiquing for Profit

Most of us have sat at home watching “American Pickers” and thought: “I could do that.” If you want to earn an income while you’re traveling, there’s no reason why you can’t! It takes a keen eye for quality and a nose for fakes, but with the right instincts, you can find hidden gems at antique stores around the world and sell them for a profit.

Some people sell their antiques to collectors, while others post their goods on eBay. Do your homework to find where you can get the best prices for your wares. Internet research can also keep you abreast of market trends so you know what to buy and at what price.

Make Sweet Music

If you’ve got a talent for music, living life on the road is ideal for honing your craft. You’ll get the inspiration you need to pen your next masterpiece and enjoy sharing your gifts with a different crowd each night. You could approach the owners of bars and coffee houses for gigs or simply take to the streets and busk. While the first might seem like the most lucrative option, a good busker can earn a significant amount of coin during a set.

Just make sure you know the laws in the area where you’re playing. Some cities require permits, and in some cases you’ll need to audition to obtain one. Besides abiding by all laws governing use of public property, you should always obtain permission before busking on private property. Even if you know you have the right to play somewhere, if you’re asked to move on, it’s best to comply.

With a diverse range of options for making money, living your life on the road doesn’t have to be just a pipe dream.

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