How To Prepare For A Business Trip

A few weeks ago, I travelled to Montreal for work. Which brings me to the theme of my article today; a guide on how to plan for a business trip. Going away for work is very different than taking a vacation with friends. So today, I am going to share my tips on how to make your next trip as stress-free as possible with the help of HotelTonight.

1. Pack Light
There is nothing worse on a quick trip than having to worry about all of the “stuff” you’ve decided to bring with you. If possible, try and consolidate everything that you need in one carry-on sized suitcase that you can bring with you. If you need to bring an extra bag, try and separate your clothes and personal items away from your work related ones and bring a briefcase that you can bring along to any meetings or conferences you will be attending.

My Pick: RIMOWA Carmona Red

2. Pack Smart
When you are only going away for a couple of days for work, mixing and matching will be your best friend. Pack a variety of “staple” pieces that you can wear for both work and social events. Think about what you can accessorize or layer to re-invent your looks without having to pack too much. When it comes to your beauty and toiletry products, having travel sized ones you can keep in your carry-on will be a lifesaver. And if you have to bring any bulky clothes, wear them on the plane to save space in your suitcase.

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My Pick: Consonant Skincare facial cleansers, Redken hair product, Lancome make-up remove & Kerastase creme styling product.  

3. Plan Ahead
Sometimes you’ll have to make your own travel arrangements which can seem daunting when you are heading to a new city. But don’t worry, HotelTonight has got you covered. They provide last minute deals at top-rated hotels available only a week before your travel date. This app has been expertly designed to help you book a hotel room on your phone in just three easy taps. And the best part? They make the decision of choosing the hotel easy for you by showing you a hand-picked selection of high rated hotels at a variety of price points. Not only do they show you the hotels on a map to help plan your trip around where you need to be, they also display the hotel room rates right there to help you pick the perfect hotel within your budget too.


But this app made finding a hotel in the area of our launch event and at an affordable price point even easier than ever! Not only did they show me where it was, their hotel profile also tells you exactly why they picked it with their list of amenities. And, if you still have questions, their 24/7 support line is knowledgeable, helpful and very friendly! With hotel listing all over the world, the HotelTonight app is a “must-download” for any savvy traveller on the go!

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