How To Save Your Smartphone

I’ll be the first to admit, that I am an extremely clumsy human. I have the knack of tripping over pretty much anything and dropping anything I hold. Knowing this about me has made me extremely cautious when it comes to my precious iPhone. This little device comes with me everywhere I go. So, in the hopes of avoiding the dreaded shattered screen or scuffed up sides, I’ve done a lot or researching to figure out what case will work best for me. Thanks to the ingenious developers at (*)speck, I’ve figured out a chic and effective protective system for my beloved smart phone. So today, I will share my secrets with you!

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Finding the Right Case

I was on the mission to find the right case that was both was effective but still chic as well. I’ll always be a fashion girl at heart so I needed one that does the trick and looks great at the same time. The beauty of (*)speck cases is that they are all Military-grade drop tests to ensure that when drop tested onto a hard surface the phones retain full functionality and no damage to screen or buttons to meet or exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards.

I lose my metropass far too often. To aid in my weekday commute, the CandyShell Card case is the perfect solution to this little problem. With a slide loading slot that can fit up to three cards securely and a protective layer that prevents the cards from scratching your phone, this case is the handy alternative to carrying a bulky wallet on the go. This case also provides an all-around protection to keep the screen safe with a glossy finish.



For the weekend, I decided to opt for something a little sleeker like the CandyShell Grip case. This slim case has added no-slip grips on that run along the back and the sides of the case to help even the slipperiest of fingers keep hold of their phone. This case is also extremely impact resistant, has soft, rubbery interior, reinforced corners and rubbery ridges that are shock-absorbent, rubber covers to help protect your butters and raised edges to protect your screen.



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