How To The Pick The Perfect Barbecue

Living in Canada, we are limited to only a few good months of warm weather to pull out our barbeques and enjoy the heat. But why not put on your parka and take advantage of a good grill and start the season earlier this year. Thanks to Weber Grill Specialist and Celebrity Chef Michael P. Clive from the Weber Grill Academy we have your complete guide on how to pick the perfect barbeque.

Weber Grill Academy

“Consider how many people you are going to be grilling for and more importantly do you want gas, charcoal or electric. Some people might go with an inexpensive gas grill and then also buy an entry-level charcoal grill to get the best of both worlds. A lot of it has to do with what you can afford and also what you are going to be grilling. The most important thing is you need a grill that is going to perform in all types of weather, last a long time and provides after purchase services like customer service, apps, blogs, social media assistance and the opportunity to attend a grilling class like the ones offered at the Weber Grill Academy.

For gas grills, look for a cooking system that offers two or more separate burners that allow for greater control of heat.  Grills with one burner won’t allow you to control heat as well as grills with multiple burners and may result in hot and cold spots on the cooking surface.

When cooking on a gas grill, the juices from the food drip down and accumulate near the heat source until they reach a flash point and burn off.  The best systems use specially angled bars, such as Weber’s Flavorizer Bars, that funnel the grease away from the burners into a catch tray conveniently located beneath the cooking box, which greatly eliminates flare-ups.

BTUs (British Thermal Units) indicate the volume of a gas a grill can burn.  Tightly engineered grills use fewer BTUs and cook food more efficiently, using less fuel.

Look for solid construction.  A well-built grill feels solid and sturdy.  A poorly made grill will wiggle.  If a grill isn’t solid on the sales floor, chances are it will not stand the test of time.  Choose a grill made of high-grade steel.  Opt for a baked-on porcelain-enamel finish.  The cart should be sturdy and wheels should roll easily.  The best cooking grates are made of case iron, stainless steel or porcelain-coated aluminum or cast-iron. A good grill lights effortlessly, controls heat easily, and has handles that stay cool to the touch.

Look for a grill that is manufactured by a reputable company like Weber that has been making grills since 1952.  The best manufacturers can afford to provide a good warranty, top-notch after-market service.”
Weber Grill Academy

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