I Tried 20 Days of Bullet Journalling….

At first I thought this would be a simple experiment and definitely a cool topic to discuss. I quickly learned it was not as “simple” as I previously thought and needed to spend a lot of time figuring out how I wanted this to work. I decided to do my research and figure out where this concept started – considering it is all I keep hearing about I thought it was definitely some creative marketing genius out to get my cash!

Well, I was wrong and pleasantly surprised to find out that this inspirational method was created by Ryder Carroll to help him find a method that worked for him. I was also shocked that there is no “bullet journal” to buy and it is completely a unique system that you customize to yourself.  The main focus that I really wanted to achieve was to find a way to stay accountable for my daily aspirations, keep focus on long term goals and seriously declutter my mind. Lucky for me – that is the essence of bullet journalling.


The supplies I started with are as follows:

Getting Started:

I set up a rough copy first to ensure I found a method & layout that worked for me, I googled, pinterested, and instagrammed different layout options to see what worked for others to develop my own personal style.

I started super small with tiny goals I felt I could definitely achieve or try to achieve in one months time. I also had one bigger goal to accomplish by the end of the month:

  • Start a Yoga at Work Program

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What I found out quickly:

I like super simple & colourful pages. Anything that included me colouring it in to complete the task gave me a little push I didn’t realize I needed. I really did feel more motivated to complete tasks off my list and expand on goals that were realistic for me. I definitely plan to keep bullet journalling and have added a new element to my journal focusing on short term & long term projects.

I personally don’t enjoy day planners that have so much room for day to day and I like a whole month view so I really used that when keeping my formatting in mind. I started with a years view, then a months view with a habit tracker at the bottom. I wanted to really start simple and encourage myself to keep with it. At the end of the 30 days I found that I really enjoyed this method and I would like to expand next month to include a few more larger goals, start a project plan, and a yearly goal list.

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