Inception Irresistible Wine

In my everlasting search for the perfect white wine, I fell in love instantly with the Inception Irresistible White. From the Cape Heritage Family of wines, the Inception Irresistible White is made up of a sweet citrus fruit blend that has a dry palette, features only a soft acidity and has a clean finish to round out the flavour in each glass.

This white wine was created in the Western Cape of South Africa known worldwide for having the highest number of vineyards in the country. The cool breezes of the Atlantic Ocean allow for the production of aromatic wine wines (most notably Sauvignon Blancs) that have a crisp clean finish.

The Inception Irresistible White is made from an intriguing blend of Chardonnay, Viognier and, Gewürztramine grapes harvested by hand at full maturity for the maximum fruit expression and crispness. This has helped to create the wine’s flavourful mix of stone fruits like peach and nectarine that are balanced with white floral aromas.

For graphic design lovers like myself, I was drawn instantly to the intricate artwork on the label. Its medieval mystique is brought out in the design alluding and illustrating hidden meanings, mystery and myth on the bottle. The primary blues and reds on the label of the bottle stand out beautifully on the golden white wine with hints of green (in the right light).

The Inception Irresistible White is available at select LCBO locations for $13.95.

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