Infuse Your Skin With The Power Of OxyGeneo

I truly think the trick to achieving healthy looking skin, is to find the right products and treatments that work for you. Because no two people have exactly the same complexion, or the same features (or issues), what you need to treat your skin properly can be very different from even that of someone else in your family. So, for that very reason, I’ve decided to share with you a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care that could be the cure you are looking for. OxyGeneo has just launching a 3-in-1 Super Facial that not only exfoliates but also infuses your skin with active ingredients and oxygenates the skin from within. But the most amazing part of this treatment are the two new hand pieces they are using to enhance their treatments; the TriPollar radio-frequency hand piece using the world’s most advanced skin-tightening technology to achieve immediate anti-aging results, and the ultrasound hand piece to promote even deeper infusion of active ingredients.

Last week, I decided to pamper myself for my birthday and give this OxyGeneo facial treatment a try. Even though I’d like to think that my skin is still young and fresh looking, this breakthrough skin treatment delivered the revitalizing results it promised almost instantly! The TriPollar radio-frequency helped lift and revive the look of my skin while the Capsugen cleansed and exfoliated my pores with carbon dioxide to help drive oxygen-rich blood to the treated area. For those with darken skin (like me) or sun spots, OxyGeneo’s NeoBright gel lightens and brightens with azelaic acid, kojic acid and retinol, while the NeoRevive gel repairs and regenerates with hyaluronic acid, peptides and retinol.

NeoBright tretment 2

But don’t let me be the judge of how great this facial really is. Visit their website online here and find a clinic near you to try it out yourself!

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