#CREATORS: Inland Spotlight on Jennifer Torosian

This local Toronto designer has been on my radar for a year now and it won’t be long before she is a world wide sensation.  Creating a signature look for her collections with a sleek and tailored aesthetic, over the last few seasons Jennifer Torosian has played with fabric and colours to create unique and stand out collections season after season. Creating a collection filled with textured autumn hues giving you a range of stand out sample pieces that are the envy of every fashionista. We sat down with designer Jennifer Torosian to learn more about the inspiration behind this very talented Canadian designer as she prepares for her showcase at INLAND next weekend.


What sparked you to begin a career in the fashion industry?

I was always very interested in fashion from a young age. I remember learning about sewing and fabric from my aunt when I was a child. I went to school for Fine Arts and Multimedia, but continued doing short courses while in university to develop my fashion design skills. From there, I knew I wanted to start my own brand.

What is it about women’s wear that intrigued you the most?

I love womens wear because each season we get to see our woman discover something new about her self! There is a lot of exploring, but it is nice to see how each previous season informs the next. I also like womens wear because there is so much to say. What we like to do each season is begin with the reinterpretation of ease based on our aesthetic and brand

Where do you draw your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from a number of places, sometimes its travel, or a mood, or an image that sparks my creativity. No matter the source, you have to honour it and go with the flow!

Who is the fashion icon or fashion designer you admire the most?

The people I admire most in fashion are the ones that have an opinion and make a commitment.


What is your favourite piece in your fall collection? Why?

My favourite pieces from my Fall 2015 collection include: the pink mohair vest. I think this piece is versatile and fun. It is great for the transitioning cold weather, but can also be layered later in the season. The blue tweed chubby jacket is also a must have. It is made from our custom French tweed, which is stunning. It is easy to wear and looks great back to a pair of jeans you already have in your closet.

How would you describe the “style” of your collection? 

We are focused on a sport-luxe aesthetic. Styles are streamlined, focused on innovative technical fabrics and clean treatments. Each season, the reinterpretation of ease is the starting point.


INLAND is a platform for Canada’s contemporary and next generation fashion designers. This  two-day event on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 & 27, encourages consumers to not only shop Canadian, but also discover emerging talents and meet the designers behind the collections.

Over 40+ EMERGING CANADIAN DESIGNERS participating include:
*  Amanda Maria – London, ON    *  Amanda Moss – Montreal, QC
*  ça va de soi – Montreal, QC     *  CYEOMS, Toronto, ON
*  Devlyn Van Loon – Toronto, ON   *  Elisa-C Rossow – Montreal, QC
*  Free Series – Montreal, QC   *  Guild Eyewear – Toronto, ON
*  Jennifer Torosian – Toronto, ON   *  Maggie MacCormick – Halifax, NS
*  Mary Young – Toronto, ON    *  Matière Noire – Montreal, QC
*  Naike – Montreal, QC   * Opelle – Toronto, ON
*  Paria Shirvani – Toronto, ON   *  Peace Collective – Toronto, ON
*  Skinny Sweats – Toronto, ON   *  Som Kong – Toronto, ON
*  TALAKAMEA – Toronto, ON           *  Travis Taddeo – Montreal, QC
*  Valerie Dumaine – Montreal, QC * … and many more!

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