Keeping Those Tiny Toes Warm

It’s been forecasted that this winter is set to be one of the coldest ones yet. And with the mass amounts of snow on the way, and the blistering winter winds, it’s important for you to find boots for your kids that are durable an warm. To help your hunt for the perfect winter boots for those little feet, here are our tips for finding the perfect winter for your kids.

When buying a winter boot, the first two things you need to look at is fit and comfort. If it fits well, and the child can move around in it, the more likely they are to put on the boot and not kick up a fuss about wearing them. When a boot is too big or too small, their feet have a greater chance of being cold in those negative temperatures. A good boot has the ability to insulate the heat in the foot and keep it inside. That’s why for the girls, I decided to get them the Ape and Kelly boots from Olang. They have both been designed to withstand negative temperatures of up to -30°C, have increase grip on snow and ice and are lined enhanced with breathable insulating OLANTEX film keeping there feet warm with even the worst winter winds.
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The next thing you need to examine is how waterproof the boots REALLY are. Are they designed to shield you from a light drizzle or will they stay dry if you find yourself walking through the slush? Given the wet winter we’re used to, it is important to find ones that are made for the muckiest of conditions. That’s why for my nephew we picked out the Sorel Flurry Boot that has a velcro insole strap to keep the boots secure while he plays outdoors. There is also a water resistant shell and felt liner to help keep him dry during every toboggan ride and snowball fight.

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