Keeping Your Healthy Eating Resolutions

With every new year comes the resolution to eat better and live a healthier life then the last. But that resolution can be easier said then done. To help 2017 be the year that you keep your promises, we dropped by Hopscotch in the PATH to learn some healthy living tips from the co-founders Aiden and Wyatt Booth

1. Write it Down
As busy young professionals, we’re always writing things down. So when it comes to setting (and sticking to) a resolution or goal we make it official and record it. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable and make sure you stick to your goals.

2. Buddy Up!
We really believe having a good support system is key. This is one of the reasons we started Hopscotch together. This is especially helpful with New Year’s resolutions. We suggest having a workout partner (or if you’re like us a sibling) to team up with so you can motivate each other.

3. Look for inspiration
We’re always looking for different sources of inspiration to help us stay motivated and up to date as far as healthy eating and lifestyle trends.

4. Scope out healthy spots for on the go
We run on a busy schedule and if you’re like us and struggle with making your breakfast and lunch on a daily basis make sure to scope out healthy spots around you that can keep you from going off the wagon.

5. Fuel your body with real food
We are big believers in the real food movement. Even though some days that KD looks mighty tempting, we definitely feel at our best when we fuel our body with real food. Right now we’re really into the fermented food movement. This is what inspired our Kimchi Kick bowl at Hopscotch. We might be a bit bias, but we’re into anything that tastes as good as it is healthy.

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