Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Makeup Right: Foundation Basics

I know some of you ladies are borderline professional makeup artists, and if you are, I am incredibly jealous of your talents. If there is one requirement of being a lady I missed was the part where someone explains to you how to use make up. Maybe there is not one person that sits you down and goes through all the basics but I have literally either avoided using the stuff or struggled throughout the years walking out of my house feeling like some version of a clown.

Thanks to our millennial generation’s need access information instantly, I was able to find out a little too much information on make up application processes. My first mistake I realized was not spending any time finding the right foundation for my skin, and I was definitely applying it incorrectly (Hello two tone neck!). I can’t be the only woman in my mid-twenties who really sucks at this? So I enlisted some help from YouTube, friends, and even our editor Caleigh.

We thought that getting the basics down would be a great starting point and on top of not knowing what comes first and where to apply what, I also have a skin tone that is hard to match and usually requires me mixing a couple colours to get something remotely close to my shade. Something I know a lot of biracial babies suffer from – typically I mix a lighter shade with a honey shade to find something close to my shade. However now that my face is getting more Vitamin D, I am back to square one all over again and any version of foundation that was working for me before is not making the cut these days.

I thought tutorials would make it easier for me but I quickly realized that there is no one way on how to apply makeup there are tons of ways from start to finish, how to apply, what tools to use. If you are overwhelmed I am so sorry! I am too so here is what I found has worked best for me so far!

Apparently I have been living under a rock and there is a huge reason why my foundation has never lasted. Primer, oh where have you been all my life? Oh right, at the store because I didn’t know to purchase you. I love Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer, it is purple in tone but there are tons of options based on your skin tone, colour and even specific primers for different kinds of blemishes you are looking to cover. I apply this with my fingertips on my entire face.
SB_C076_430 Source Foundation Countless options in foundation are available and like I said earlier I tend to have to mix two tones in order to get a foundation closest to my natural skin tone. What I have learned through my research is that I have indeed been applying foundation incorrectly. Which makes a lot of sense! Enter the angled Kobuki brush, again I know I live under a rock and have been using flat foundation brushes forever! I now use liquid foundation that I put on the back of my hand and apply with an angled kobuki brush stippling it before it dries so there are no streaks. Don’t know what stippling is here is a great youtube tutorial on basic make up applications: However I do switch between liquid and powder foundation my top choices: -MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation in NW35 -Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation in Nude IMG_1949

Concealer My biggest mistake to date has been applying concealer BEFORE my foundation – I know it makes no sense but like I said previously I have never taken the time to really understand make up foundations. So now that I know, I apply concealer to my problem areas after my foundation with a synthetic brush dabbing it and smoothing it out so it blends. Concealer

I am absolutely obsessed with Maybelline’s NEW Superstay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector in #60 Deep for under my eyes, not only did I not have to mix colours to get a good match it last longer, isn’t stiff and doesn’t feel heavy on my face.However, for larger blemishes I found that a concealer cream in a pot has worked best.

Maybelline Better SkinPowder Something I have always gotten right! Using a powder finish with a large kobuki brush, I have been applying a light dusting of powder foundation, this will help keep your foundation lasting longer and “set it in”. I like using a mineral foundation for this so that my make up doesn’t look cakey or overly done, and it has a lighter finish. IMG_1952

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