Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Makeup Right Part 2 : Accentuating the Face

Now that I have learned the basics of applying foundation I really wanted to jump on the bandwagon and learn about contouring, highlighting and how to apply blush. Three things I have NEVER done in the past. I have always been lucky enough to have distinguished cheekbones that I felt I didn’t need to include this step in my horrible version of make up application. However, now that I have dabbled in it I realized that it really does make the difference.

Contouring vs. Strobing Yes, I am very behind on beauty trends and now that I am learning about contouring I realized that there is another version called strobing. If you weren’t aware strobing is using lighter tones only to highlight high peak areas of the face, in theory it sounds great but if you have no idea how to find “the right light” you could end up looking like someone has thrown flour on your face. For now I will stick with trying to master contouring alla Kim Kardashian. stila has this amazing Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo palette that comes with instructions for a newbies like me. With different application techniques, where to apply for your face shape and you can also get an amazing dual headed kobuki brush to apply. I had so much fun playing with this palette and determining how to apply it for my face shape that I seriously can’t get enough of it. I applied the darker tones for my heart shaped face, then used the smaller portion of the brush to apply the lighter tones and just stippled around the edges to blend so I was left with a sheer tone that contoured my face. stila shape

If you’re not a fan of contouring try using bronzer and applying it to where the sun would naturally warm the face is a great substitute. Apply the bronzer to the perimeter of the face, hollows of your cheeks, and don’t forget your neck or chest! My pick for the fall is Essence’s Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder for Brunettes in #20 Suntanned – not only did this give me a slight shimmer the powder smells like coconuts so summer is always a sniff away. No seriously it smells fantastic!

Contour ApplicationBlush From cream, to stick, to powder and liquid how do you choose? I really don’t like my make up looking overly done or sticky so I found that I really like using a mineral blush and I just light dust it with a tapered blush brush to the apples of my cheeks making sure it is blended out (No Bozo the Clown here please and thank you), I found that even though a lot of tutorials said to start at the temples and work your way down I didn’t like the look on my face. I also prefer rosy or peach tones that look more natural as opposed to pinks. My top pick: Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in Fresh Plum.   Blended Out Contour

Highlight Use a lighter tone to highlight the high points of your face, Stila’s contouring palette comes with a highlighting colour the compliments the darker tone provided. I found that just a small amount went a long way and I ensured it was blended out. It is a cream based product so you don’t need to put much on the brush before application as the product is dense and goes a long way. However, if you are having a break out the highlighting definitely made blemishes stand out so stay clear of this step if you’re having a bad break out. HighlightingEyebrows Eyebrows frame your face, and not everyone has full eyebrows like Cara Delevingne. I myself have a scar on my left eyebrow that has to be filled in everyday. For years I used a charcoal eyeliner to fill it in and it never seemed to look right always slightly too harsh against the surrounding hairs. Yes I know permanent make up is an option but I am such a sissy that I don’t think I can handle it. Here’s the proof – the Left side of the image is how I used to fill in my brows, on the right is after using Annabelle’s Brow-To-Go Kit. Left Old Right New
My eyebrows are a dark brown almost black in colour so it has always been difficult to make it look natural. I have tried many eyebrow kits, eyeshadows, eyeliners, you name it. However, I recently fell in love with Annabelle’s Brow-To-Go Brow Shaping Kit that comes with two shades, a clear wax, tweezers and an application brush (also dummy proof instructions on the back of the kit). Seriously I put this stuff to the test and it lasted all day and I was able to achieve a natural look. Brow to Go Kit

I used the lighter tone first to dust the areas I wanted to fill in, then used the darker shade in a light motion so that I wasn’t “colouring” in my eyebrows but trying to replicate the look of hair. After these were applied I used a small amount of the “fixer” wax to set the colours in to help keep the look lasting longer.

Eyebrow Application

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