Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Makeup Right Part 3 : Finishing Touches

Eyeshadow – I can admit this, I usually don’t use eyeshadow because I know I am not skilled enough to give myself “the perfect” smokey eye. However, I also never purchased or used an eyeshadow palette to help achieve this look. Annabelle’s Smokey Nude Palette in Dark Lights comes with instructions on the back for someone like me who clearly needs instructions for everything! The palette made it so simple for me to create a lighter look for the day and transition into an evening glam look. The tones were perfect for my complexion and with an eyeshadow brush I lightly dusted the centre of my lids with the lightest tone, slightly highlighted under the arch of my brow then used a medium tone tone to blend around and cover the rest of my lid for my day look.

To transition into the evening I used a darker shade and just lightly dusted the edge of my lids making sure I blended it in to create a “smokey” look and finished with some eyeliner.
Eyeshadow - dayEyeliner- Usually I have just done a quick cat eye to draw attention to my eye, but since I have been focused on learning new tips and tricks with make up I skipped over my trusty charcoal pencil and exchanged it for The Body Shop’s Matte Kajal in Black & White which is surprisingly made in Italy! I used the white Kajal around the innermost parts of my eye to slightly highlight this area and the black Kajal I used to line my top lid and extended it out into a simple cat eye. I found that this worked the best and the Kajal was so soft, smooth and honestly didn’t bother me so I found I didn’t touch my eye area and make a disaster like I usually do. This has to be my favourite addition to my routine, and I have really enjoyed playing around with different looks. Black KajalWhite KajalMascara– If you are sensitive like me than mascara is definitely not your best friend, I seriously can never last more than a couple hours without rubbing my eyes or wanting to remove my mascara. Day-to-day I opt out of wearing mascara just so that I am not overwhelmed with the thoughts of washing my face. I have tried all kinds of mascara hoping that one of them will convert me to a mascara wearing queen. I have gotten lash extensions just to avoid wearing mascara and although I loved my extensions the upkeep just wasn’t for me. However, on a recent trip to Sephora my aunt came back bearing gifts for me, she has similar issues that I do, so I was so excited when she gave me bare Mineral’s Flawless Definition Mascara which claims to nourish and protect lashes. OMG! I have finally found a mascara that doesn’t weigh down my lids, and I don’t want to scratch my eyelashes off. With just a few coats of this mascara my eyelashes are elongated and I can batt them for days. Well not really days, you should definitely wash your makeup off every night. left night look right day lookLipstick– Although I don’t wear lipstick during work hours I LOVE playing with different colours and using lipstick as a quick way to add glamour to any look. In the summer however I am finding that although I love the look of a deep ruby red, nude tones seem to fare well with my bronzed skin. Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in #05 Cool Nude is my go to this summer, it is the perfect nude for my skin tone and it really does last. Finished overall look Cover Photo

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