Learning How To Barbecue With Weber’s Grill Academy

Every summer I celebrate my birthday up at a cottage in Northern Ontario. I love planning and cooking elaborate menus for the weekend for my friends and I to enjoy. But the meats? I leave the grilling to the guys. However, this summer, I’m changing things up and learning how to use my barbeque. Thanks to Weber’s Grill Academy, I’m taking my grilling game to the next level with their indoor barbecuing classes. From charcoal techniques to smoking to simply learning how to operate the grill, specialist and celebrity Chef Michael P. Clive has developed a roster of classes catering to all skill levels showcasing a variety of techniques. Their hands-on year round classes are a great way to perfect your craft while you learn how to grill a bunch of excellent recipes from Jamie Purviance, the author of a variety of cookbooks published by Weber’s.
Weber Grill AcademyWe started off the evening by making dessert first. Who knew you could make a delicious Apple Cake with Cinnamon Sugar in a metal pie pan on the grill. Chef Michael P. Clive taught us all about how to use indirect grilling to cook your cake by putting your food on the side of the heat source (instead of directly over the flame) which will allow your cake to cook evenly over medium heat in just 20 minutes!
Weber Grill AcademyWeber Grill AcademyWeber Grill AcademyWe then went straight into making the Cider and Bacon Beans. Mixing a variety of sweet and savory flavours together, these beans are the perfect side dish to pair with any grilled meat. Simmering together browned bacon, fried onions and a host of spices on indirect low heat for over 50 minutes, these beans are best served warm and are the perfect comfort food for a cold winter’s day.
Weber Grill AcademyWeber Grill AcademyFor the main, we dove right into the smoking meats and made their Quintessential Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Slow-Smoked Mesquite Brisket for our dinner. The great thing about using a smoker is that it allows you to slowly cook your foods at a consistent temperature for over several hours. As your food sits on the one of the two racks in the middle section, with the charcoal burning in the bottom with a pan of water above; the temperature is kept nice and low to give you meat that has been cooked, seasoned and spiced to perfection.
Weber Grill AcademyWeber Grill AcademyWeber Grill AcademyWeber Grill AcademyWeber Grill AcademyWeber Grill AcademyLooking at attending their next class?
For Valentine’s Day Weber’s Grill Academy is hosting a couple’s class on Friday February 27th and 28th to teach you how to make the perfect romantic dinner with your love.
On March 18th they are tackling the fundamentals of grilling with steaks, burgers, pizzas and s’mores!
Take your BBQ skills to the next level on April 14th with a glass geared towards intermediate/advanced level grillers looking to develop their skills making the perfect chicken, ribs, corn and cobbler!

Weber Grill AcademyFor more information on their classes, visit Weber’s Grill Academy online here: www.webergrillacademy.ca

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