Making Scents: The Art and Business of Prestige Fragrance

In late November, Fashion Group International Toronto hosted a lovely evening at The Thompson Hotel where industry professionals mixed and mingled over wine complimentary of The Wine Sisters as they talked all things perfume. The evening topic explored all aspects of the art of perfume making and the business behind these fragrances.

With an impressive roster of speakers, the evening was a chance to learn from the foremost fragrance industry leaders in a panel discussion lead by Jim Hicks. This month’s panelists include Heather Josie (Fragrance Buyer at Husdon’s Bay), Deborah Fulsang (beauty contributor to top-tier publications such as The Globe & Mail, National Post & FLARE and CEO of The Whale & The Rose) David Titheridge (GM of LVMH brands) and Sandy Silva (Canadian Fashion & Beauty Analyst for The NPG Group).

Fashion Group International was founded in New York City in 1930 by former VOGUE Editor-in-Cheif Edna Woolman Chase. Starting as a women’s only luncheon organization based in NYC, Fashion Group International has grown to over 5000 members with 33 chapters worldwide. With great monthly events which provide insight on major trends and access to amazing networking opportunities with other fashion business professionals, Fashion Group International strives to advance professionalism in fashion and its related lifestyle industries.


For more information on the Fashion Group International Toronto, membership opportunties or to find the local organization based in your city, visit their website at:

Finding Your Signature Scent with Theirry Muglar

It can be a lifelong journey to find your signature scent. As you grow older, your tastes and preferences in perfumes can mature as well. The next time you find yourself wandering through the perfume counters at your local department store or sampling the spray bottles in the cosmetic department, consider these few helpful points when updating your fragrance repertoire.

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Just as you change your clothes and adapt your look as seasons changes, so can your perfume. Have a variety of scents on hand that can pair beautifully with light summer tones and musiker winter aromas. Also consider the time of day you a wearing the fragrance.  Day scents compared to evening should differ as well to adapt to the setting that you will wear them in. Typically florals are perfect for the day while heavier oriental perfumes can transition well into the night.

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Fragrances are the key aspect to tying your look together. The perfume you choose is a reflection of your signature style. Spend time finding out what type you prefer; they can range from floral to oriental to chypre and more. Scents also change as they dry and can vary from person to person based on the way they mix with your body chemistry to bring out different notes. Test out a variety of scents until you find the perfect one by visiting your local Jean Coutu to explore their wide range of fragrances and help find your signature scent. Find out what makes you feel beautiful!

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The international fragrance house from France Theirry Muglar has launched his Les Exceptions collection seeking inspiration from the five iconic fragrance categories; musk, chypre, oriental, floral and fougère. Release just in time for the holiday season, this couture fragrance line bends the ideals that scents should be gendered creating a unisex line of haute perfumes. Find your signature scent in their modern, unexpected and uncompromising line.

Over The Musk – The fresh floral, petal-like facet of ambrette is paired with edgy black pepper and vibrant woody notes, offering a scent as surprising as it is alluring. Sensual. Unpredictable. Enchanting.

Chyprissime – This surprising note transforms the classic chypre with a new brightness, creating a succulently sensual expression never experienced before. Elegant. Radiant. Sophisticated.

Oriental Express – Creamy sandalwood and vanilla create an intensely sensual and addictive aroma. The first burst of crisp, green notes is strengthened by the vigor from the fresh spices, adding a bold contrast with unexpected character. Edgy. Captivating. Warm.

Supra Floral – The remarkable hyacinth with its velvety, crisp green petals is rare in the perfume world. Jostled by an unexpected addition of amber and incense, this scent evolves with unsuspected mystery and depth. Tantalizing. Luminous. Vibrant.

Fougère Furieuse – Sensual aromatic and woody notes of the fougère family, geranium, oak moss, coumarin and bergamot, are provoked by orange, neroli and amber to create a furiously playful and exhilarating sensorial experience. Sexy. Exhilarating. Daring.



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