Making The Most Of The Summer

So its safe to say that summer is half way through, the kids are out in camp, the sun has consistently been out for longer then 3 day at a time and ice cream sales are through the roof which makes it all the more difficult to go to work and equally as difficult to stay out of that amazing sun. I think balance is key here. You want to work hard and play harder. When I get those summer time work woes I just imagine all the things I can do after my day is done. Most of the time I get home and im just too tried to do anything but you must remember that a little me time is a great way to recharge you before your next day. Here are some of my tips for taking it easy after a days work but also being able to enjoy those summer nights.


  1. Get your self out and about: I know it can be super annoying after work to get out and do things like exercise but it truly helps. Getting your blood pumping and your muscle moving is a great way to release endorphins and give you an extra pep in your step and recharge you for the rest of the night. Now when I say exercise I don’t necessarily mean get on those running shoes and head out for a 10 km run, you can if you wish, but just thinking of that makes my feet hurt. Just taking the pup out for a longer evening stroll then just around the block will be both benefical for you and your furry friend. And have you ever thought about gardening? It’s amazing to disconnect from everything and just go outside and make something grow. Gives you a sense of accomplishment and you get something beautiful or a yummy snack out of it.
  2. Take some personal time: what’s more relaxing then taking some ME time. Maybe do some personal grooming like doing your own eye brows or shaving those legs… it is summer after all. My personal favourite is bath time with some ebsome salt to take away the stress of my day. I recently discovered the body shops new line of products with green tea and I think they are amazing. I’m not one for strong scents but the suttle hint of green tea leafs leaves your body with a lovely aroma that isn’t to over powering. You could slather your body with the it but also be able to wear your favourite perfume. I also love the body butter after a shower or a shave. As it is summer we are prone to burn and this product is great at soothing your burns or for when you start to peel. Its supper rich and creamy but doesn’t leave your too legs sticky
  3. Make something/ try something new: you’ve been collecting those cook books for ever so why not give a new recipe a try. Grab a friend or by yourself cook up something delicious. Coming from an Italian background food was always used as comfort and something a family can come together over. I recently picked up Lidia Bastianich (form the food network) cook book “Lidia’s Favourite Recipies” and every recipe in there is made with simple home ingredients and tastes amazing! My personal favourite is chevrolata sausage in a white wine reduction with Italian olives and phenol (and cue salivation).
  4. Get creative: You know those DIY projects you’ve been dying to try but just never got around to it…DO IT. Collect your materials a couple of days ahead and get to work! I love DIYs to spice up a space or to give as a gift to a friend. Home made gifts are much more thoughtful then a store bought product. My favourite go to girl is a youtuber based out of Toronto, called “LAURDIY.” This girl does it all from making your own wall art to pillows to jewelry. I have personally tried some of her DIY and I am obsessed! They come out great and are easy to do.
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  5. Call up some friends: seriously get your butt off the couch and give a friend a call. Its always nice to be thought off so why not catch up with an old friend or new friend. Go out for coffee or tea or maybe a drink after work… not on a Friday (you rebel you)! If you have an out door living space call people over sit outside in the gorgeous weather and make some grenadine and lemonade maybe drinks will turn into dinner and then drinks again! You can never know where the night takes you if you just stay in. With all this being said don’t go Miley Cyrus on a Wednesday night.


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