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The thing I love most about Toronto is that each neighbourhood has its own unique charm. Located in the west-end of the city, Brockton Village has transformed itself into a quaint creative community making the newly relocated hair salon Lebel & Crowe is the perfect destination. With years and years of experience under their belt, these four owners know all about the latest trends and techniques in hair. This cozy and homey space is the perfect spot for your next haircut, reminiscent of the local barber shops of the past. Attracted to their relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, Lebel & Crowe has become a neighbourhood name attracting loyal customers and drop-ins of all ages into their salon.

Ranging from haircuts to various colouring options and every styling option you may want, the ladies at Lebel & Crowe offer a variety of affordable options to suit every customer’s needs. This year is all about achieving soft and low maintenance hair styles. Owners Emily Lebel and Jess Crowe told us all about how they are seeing a growing trend in “lazy hair” that works with the natural texture of your hair is all the rage this year. They are often finding themselves giving their clients haircuts  with lots of texture and using a hair dying technique called balayage to paint the hair giving it a softer, more natural looking hair colour. Using Kevin Murphy’s line of hair care products, Lebel & Crowe can help you get that on trend hair style you were looking for in an easy to maintain and manageable way.

Lebel & Crowe

Meet the Owners

Jesse Crowe (Stylist./Colourist)

Favourite Hairstyle Trend: getting rid of extra length. I’m so happy people are cutting their hair to sharp, flattering mid length cuts.

Favourite Styling Tool: A styling wand – easy to use and always reliable

Favourite Hair Product:  Kevin Murphy Smooth Again

Emily Lebel (Stylist/Colourist)

Favourite Hairstyle Trend: My favourite trend right now is people embracing their natural textures, and cutting off long, overgrown locks into classy mid length and short do’s.

Favourite Styling Tool: I think one of the best tool to have on hand for any texture or length is a quality blowdryer. Having a quality blowdryer will help keep hair from drying out and helps prevent frizziness and long term damage.

Favourite Hair Product: Kevin Murphy Damage Manager – I love this product because it preps your hair for styling, creating a barrier between your delicate hair and the heat of any styling tool. It also softens the hair strands creating smooth soft hair, and helps create shine.

Melody Bostelaar (Stylist/Colourist)

Favourite Hairstyle Trend: the long bob or “lob”, It looks so sophisticated worn smooth and straight, but with lots of interior texture can be worn wavy and playful

Must have Beauty Product: Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion. It is the perfect creme for bringing out the natural movement in hair, it smooths everything out without being heavy or crispy

Caitlin Gordon(Stylist)

Favourite Hairstyle Trend: strong one length. Clean lines are totally back and they make me happy.

Favourite Product: Kevin Murphy Body Mass. So light so it doesn’t make the hair greasy in any way, yet it gives enough grit for a voluminous blow dry that won’t fall. Dirties it up just the right amount.

Lebel & Crowe

So come hang, relax and feel great about your hair with the ladies at Lebel & Crowe. Book your next appointment online here:

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