Micro Fashion: Fall Essentials with WHEAT

I don’t know about you but I love the fall: the sweaters, the lattes, the changing leaves and the cool crisp autumn air. Really, what is not to love? As a family we love to take advantage of the weather and partake in a lot of outdoor activities during this time. With small children, I’ve learnt that light layers are key at this time of year. So this fall, I’ve decided to try out WHEAT Canada to update my children’s wardrobe with some stylish but functional pieces. What I love about their clothing is that the material is light, yet durable making it easy to layer for the fall.

IMG_3653IMG_3652I especially liked how easy they are to clean. Like most children, my kids love to get dirty. The clothes were very easy to wash and care for, which is always something I look for when buying clothes. It’s safe to say that wee will definitely be adding these clothes to our daily rotation. My son, who started kindergarten this September, is in a school without air conditioning. Therefore finding clothes that are thin enough so he does not over heat in class, yet provided enough coverage during the cool mornings, is essential. IMG_3616 IMG_3620The designs of the clothes are fun and unique. Infused with the Danish flare for design, my daughter always loves to twirl around in a good tutu. Her outfit was perfect because it was comfortable and made from a stretch based cotton blend to ensure her rough and tumble ways while still remaining cute and girls. Always a plus in my books. IMG_3642 IMG_3664

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